San Diego neighborhoods and interesting places

San Diego

Located in Southern California , on the Mexican border, San Diego is a very special city.

San Diego is a must stopover to take a few days rest at the seaside . For me it is a must! I hope this article will make you want to go!

Where to stay

If you like being in the heart of the city, close to restaurants and shops , choose your hotel side Downtwown or Little Italy .

If you are in San Diego to enjoy the beach and the California atmosphere , prefer Pacific Beach .

If you want to be quiet and on a beautiful white sand beach , go ahead and book on Coronado Island !

Downtown / Little Italy / Seaport Village

The  city of San Diego  is fairly walkable and you can do many things in the center without using your car. The first months there, I did not have one and I moved around using mostly buses and trams. However, the car is a real comfort and allows you to better explore the city.

In American cities, Downtown is often not the best neighborhood. San Diego is different, however. The Gaslamp district is the heart of San Diego’s nightlife, full of bars, clubs, restaurants, and more.

Seaport Village  is a  pleasant marina  along the harbor. The walk is  very pleasant , especially during the sunset where the colors are beautiful. Spend particular before the USS Midway, an aircraft carrier of the Navy of the United States, moored in the port of San Diego and as a museum today. If you run, it’s also the perfect place.

There is never a shortage of events in this part of the city.

Sea Port Village

To reach Little Italy, you can walk along Seaport Village. The Italian district is a fairly busy street full of restaurants which often have the Italian name! It remains very pleasant to walk and stop for a coffee.

Coronado Island

Coronado is the island located in front of San Diego. The access is by car from the very long bridge that you see from Seaport, or by boat (regular departures with the Coronado Ferry). The island is especially known for its famous Hotel Del Coronado where wealthy tourists spend their holidays. It must be said that the Beach Cottage facing the sea would give anyone the desire to spend time there. The beach at Coronado white sand is particularly beautiful and pleasant. I recommend you spend an afternoon.


The main street of Coronado Island, close to the hotel, has many restaurants and places to have brunch. However, I recommend you go to the other side of the island where there is an address where I love breakfast: Toast! I adore their granola and I always enjoy going there so much!

Tartine – 1106 1st St, Coronado – San Diego

Tartine - San Diego

Mission Beach & Pacific Beach

The beach! If you stay in San Diego a few days for the holidays, the beach is definitely the place where you spend most time. Pacific Beach and Mission Beach are the main beaches of San Diego but are also among the most vibrant areas.

San Diego PB

Both are close to one another but I have a preference for Pacific Beach: PB! To park by cons, prefer Mission Beach for its large car park without time pressure on places. Along the beach you can go cycling, skateboarding, rollerblading … Some shops take care of the bike rental.

Throughout the beach, many restaurants have brunch or breakfast. I recommend the terrace of the Hotel Tower 23 PB. I booked this hotel this summer,

Learn to surf

It’s pretty hard to resist the appeal of surfing when you find yourself on a California beach. Along the beach, surf schools offer courses for an hour or more with the rental of the board. A little expensive but practical! Especially since, if you have never surfed, the advice of a teacher will be extremely useful, and you likely don’t have your own board.

Learn to surf

Expect $ 85 for 1:30 of particular lesson.

Taco Tuesday

Every Tuesday is Taco Tuesday in San Diego. The bars and restaurants offer the Mexican Tacos and Margarita at discounted prices. In Downtown, I recommend you find yourself at Fred’s! The place is pretty insane with a very colorful decoration. $ 2 tacos and $ 3 Margaritas also don’t hurt. You can also play some beer pong to add to the fun!

Tacos Tuesday

Tuesday night is also very lively PB side where many bars are transformed into a nightclub.

Fashion Valley

The perfect place for shopping in San Diego! In this open-air shopping mall, you will find all your favorite brands and you can spend hours shopping! Two other reasons why I love this place: the Cheesecake Factory and True Food Kitchen

La Jolla

I love the La Jolla, located north of San Diego. The beach is full of sea lions and it is the ideal spot to observe. Surfers are also abundantly seen on the water and often they surf together on the waves! I could easily write a full article on this area with great places to see and eat (great brunch!).

Sea lions La Jolla

SeaWorld and the San Diego Zoo: go … or not!

There is still a little time, I would have recommended you to go spend a day at Sea World, water park with marine animal shows. I went there several times and have always been delighted.

As for the famous Zoo, I do not have the best of memories. It is very large but the animal enclosures seem very small …