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Suggestions For Healthy and Beautiful Hair

Many women are looking for smooth and shiny hair. For some this seems to just come naturally. Others struggle to maintain that perfect look. Here are some tips for healthy hair.

One of the most important suggestions is to eat enough protein. If you are not getting enough protein, then your scalp is not going to get the nutrients it needs to contribute to strong new hair growth. If one lives a more active lifestyle, it is even more important to eat plenty of protein. Also it is important to get plenty of iron in ones diet. Many women suffer from iron deficiency due to blood loss in monthly menstrual cycles or from inadequate intake. Iron is an important component for healthy hair.

It is also important that you take certain precautions when washing your hair. You do not want to wash your hair every day. Washing too often can remove natural oils from your hair. Additionally, when washing you want to massage your scalp for at least 45 seconds with shampoo and conditioner before rinsing it out. This helps to improve circulation to the scalp. If applying conditioner up and down your hair, leave it on for a couple minutes before washing it out. You also want to wash with cool water if possible to lock in the moisture.

Also, consider using silicone based hair products. Silicone helps coat the hair to prevent various types of damage. You can find silicone in anti-frizz products or in some conditioners that are designed to be left in the hair instead of rinsed out upon application. Read more information about hair repair:

It is also important to never flat iron the hair when it is wet. When hair is wet, it is much more fragile and likely to break. As a result, one needs to dry the hair first if one intends to use an iron on it. Also consider using heat protection spray on your hair before using the iron.

You must also take care when drying the hair. Ideally a blow drier works better than air drying the hair since wet hair is more fragile and can break if too much pressure is put on it. However, you do not want to hold a hot blow drier close to the hair. That can literally boil the water out of your hair, which is not good in terms of hair health. You want to put the blow drier on the coolest setting and hold it a good distance from the hair. As with using an iron, applying heat protection spray is a good idea when blow drying the hair.

You must also take care when brushing your hair. While brushing your hair when it is wet might seem easier, it is not good for your hair. As mentioned many times above, wet hair is much more prone to break than dry hair. Additionally, you do not want to brush your hair too much even though some people claim it will make it smoother. Every additional stroke increases the chances that you break strands of hair.

Nearly every lady desires a shiny, healthy head of hair. By following the above tips for healthy hair, one should be able to attain this goal.

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