3d Video

 3d Motion picture Essay

3D is a future of film industry

Intro of 3 DIMENSIONAL movie

❖ The initially 3D feature film was " The strength of love” in 1922*

- Using the " anaglyph process" where views are imprinted in 2 different colors and viewed by special glasses.

- Anaglyph: When you put together anaglyph images and play these people in sequence, you may have an anaglyph 3D movie. To use anaglyph 3D you need a pair of anaglyph glasses. These glasses have a different color for each vision, allowing every eye to receive different images. Each picture is made to imitate the sides of each vision, giving a perception of depth. Most common will be red and cyan glasses. http://www.3dgear.com/scsc/movies/firsts.html

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❖ Converted 2D to 3 DIMENSIONAL *

-- 1camera, -- graphic performers separate every frame in to up to eight different tiers of depth, - your computer generates a second image that is certainly slight counter, -costs $22.99, 000 per minute

- 2011: 21 movies

- Character, Tron Musical legacy, Toy account 3. The Hobbit, Adventures of Tinin

❖ Filmed in 3D *

- 2 different cameras one particular for the left and one for the right images, - cameras arranged at a distance that resembles the space between your eye

- 2011: 29 films

- -- Piranha 3D, Alice in wonderland, Conflict of the Giants, The last Airbender, Harry Assurer and the Deathly Hallows – Part a couple of

- http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2397778,00.asp*

- Start to see the middle part of diagram

- 3D filmed theory: Today's THREE DIMENSIONAL cameras employ two contacts to capture two sets of images, nevertheless instead of shaded filters, the images are differentiated by up and down and lateral or opposing diagonal polarization. The movies are projected using a standard projector with a unique lens that projects the two polarizations utilized. Viewers still have to wear exceptional glasses, but are no longer colored. The lenses filtration system each of the differently-polarized images with each eye, generating the 3D IMAGES effect.

-- http://3dtv4ever.com/3d-tv-technology/how-are-3d-movies-filmed/

❖ 1920s, 1950s, 1980s, and 2010s every mark times of interest in 3D cinema*


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❖ Avatar is a 2009 American legendary science fictional film crafted and described by Wayne Cameron

❖ Avatar ‘s successful: US$2, 782. 3275, 172 (Rank 1 in Worldwide highest-grossing films)*

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_highest-grossing_films See the data of Worldwide highest-grossing movies

❖ Others 3D video after Character: Getting more 3 DIMENSIONAL movies will be coming

|Filmed in 3 DIMENSIONAL |Converted THREE DIMENSIONAL | |2012 (29 films) |2012 (9 films) | |47 Ronin |The Avengers | |Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter |The Cabin inside the Woods | |The Amazing Spider-Man |Ghost Rider: Soul of Vengence | |Brave |Gravity | |Dorothy of Oz |John Carter | |Dr. Seuss' The Lorax |Men in Black 3 | |Dredd |Star Battles Re-release | |Frankenweenie |Titanic 4 | |The Wonderful Gatsby |Wrath of the Giants...

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