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4918-339-7 Lelani van Blerk

BPT1501 Semester 1

Assignment '04 Unique Quantity: 280638


Lelani van Blerk


Semester you

Assignment 04

Closing Date: 14 Mar 2014

Unique Number: 280638

P. U. Box 236

St . Lucia Estuary



4918-339-7 Lelani vehicle Blerk

BPT1501 Semester you

Assignment apr Unique Number: 280638


1 .

Collage (Class Actions at Mtubatuba Primary School)..... 3

2 .

Collage Reason (Story)................................................... some


Declaration Report (School Experience)............................. 5


4918-339-7 Lelani vehicle Blerk

BPT1501 Semester 1

Assignment 04 Unique Number: 280638

1 )

Collage (Class Activities for Mtubatuba Main School)


4918-339-7 Lelani van Blerk

BPT1501 Term 1

Job 04 Unique Number: 280638

2 .

Collection Explanation (Story)

A picture can easily tells several stories! In the collage previously mentioned I have attempted to capture the essence of Mtubatuba Major School.

Inside the first line of pictures we now have a Biology teachers giving a lessons simply by explaining, a great Afrikaans lesson with lost of British translations and hand alerts to help the 2nd language learners understand better. An Informal Maths Assessment and Mindset Quote's that changes weekly and Month to month for a little inspiration.

The Second row Geometry of SECOND Shape lessons and activity with students in class.

The bright purple star notice was awarded in the

English language class to a student for listening and engaged in the Rollerskating poem staying analysed. More maths measurements and students reading the Directions pertaining to revision in Social Science class.

Third Row brings us to Roadmaps Description in the lecture and a Grade six learner beginning her statement of Triangles lesson. The continent of Africa was a group dialogue for the Grade a few students. The Grade six teacher working together with the class upon Triangles and a Grade 4 scholar doing her Mental Maths.

In the last line the scholars are doing directions to school by simply participating in the actions.

The pc Room English language Reading

lessons and the Level 4 tutor explaining Guidelines to School.


4918-339-7 Lelani van Blerk

BPT1501 Semester 1

Project 04 Unique Number: 280638


Remark Report (School Experience)

Intended for my remark report We arrange to shadow educators at the Mtubatuba Primary College for several days. Within my time on the school My spouse and i attended several classes together the privilege to move in between the Level 4, your five, 6 & 7 students in subject matter like Maths, Afrikaans, English language, Social Sciences, Biology & Computer English language Reading Classes.

Although this kind of school can be neither rich nor poor, it has to do with the principles that can be provided but the heart makes the atmosphere worth the visit. The teachers are friendly yet strict. The college work on a merit and demerit system of give and take. Students can earn merits for good behaviour, attitude, effort participation and ambassadorship. You can also gain demerits pertaining to bad behavior, incorrect costume code, imprecationexecration, bullying, chicanery, disobedience & littering.

During my honest opinion most of the professors have gone down into a rut. The same old history from category to school, I might fall asleep if I needed to be one of the learners as you get into you acquire told to open your publication to webpage whatever! Generally the Platinum CAPS selection are used during the school but since there is not enough books (shortage of funds) some is using photography copies. After greeting, the teacher will read and explain the work and home work or school work will be given.

There are one or two instructors with a distinct approach. Younger male teacher giving the Afrikaans lesson Second language towards the English speaking class made the browsing of the terms fun and demanded lots of insight from the school by asking questions, making verbal sounds and side signals outlining things. This permits the kids to understand the words better and with...

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