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Advertising brokers were in the beginning established to sell space on behalf of newspapers in the early 1800's in England. Because product owners started to understand that they need to attract the market attention to their products, promoting became a critical part of their very own business process. As printing media's technology evolved, illustrators and designers were used to make printing advertising better. As the marketing technology matured, the full process of marketing was obtaining very complicated, therewasmoresignificantneedtogetimpact, attractconsumersandconvince them the merits of the products or services. In response to this, advertising agencies took on even more people with particular skills, now advertising is known as a highly specialised industry, helping marketers across the world creating earning brands. This kind of chapter will certainly discuss the essential services of an advertising company and then explained the different types of advertising and marketing agencies, set up to serve the different and complex needs of the increasingly competitive organization environment.


1 . To understand the basic elements of an advertising agency in providing service to all their clients 2 . To understand the different services proposed by advertising organizations. 3. To know the function of linked agencies and consultancies

The advertising organization

" An advertising agency is usually an independent corporation of innovative and business owners who specializing in developing and preparing marketing plans, advertisements and other marketing tools. It purchases marketing space and time in the media on behalf of their client. ” (AAAA- American Advertising and marketing Agencies Association) The basic elements of an agency organization

Introduction to Marketing | Advertising and Mass media Planning

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AccountHandling Competitive business environment demanded more advanced marketing interaction process. Due to this the agency's consumers became more demanding and therefore there was a need for some sort of coordination and liaison between the client plus the departments of the advertising agency- a need met by the consideration handler. Promoting Agencies

Bank account handling

Creative department

Multimedia department

Production department

This the position of the bank account handling: • Advisetheclientcompanyonhowtheirproductscanbebrandedandpositionedinthe marketplace to countertop act rivals • Responsibleforallclientscontacttoestablishthebroadrequirementsoftheclients. • Quick the various departments of the promoting agency regarding client requirements • Ensureadvertisingcampaignhelptosolvetheclient'smarketingproblem • Managetheadvertisingbudgetandensurescostsarejustified. • Ensureclientsarehappywithagency'soverallservice. Creative Department Creativity is actually really creates an agency standing. Advertising is around visual and copy components that attract attention and convince the marketplace to use the brands publicized. Thus marketing creativity is around creating text messages that will efficiently establish great brand graphic and positioning. The innovative department is definitely led with a creative director, backed by a form of art director and copywriter. Mass media Department Electric, telecommunications and computer technology ended in extensive range of media. Consequently , the press department must undertake comprehensive research to develop an Introduction to Advertising | Advertising and Media Planning STIKOM LSPR - Jakarta


powerful media prepare and timetable to deliver promoting messages towards the target audience. In that case to ensure the greatest deal budget sensible, the media buyers in the media office must gothroughnegotiationprocesswiththemediahouses, asthereisnofixedpriceformedia space and air time...

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