Appeak Poker Review 2022 – What You Should Know about It?


Are you looking for an Appeak Poker review to help you answer these questions: is Appeak Poker a good game? Can I get money from this app? Is this app safe? You came to the right place. This is an in-depth review of Appeak Poker that can help you know everything about this app.

Appeak poker review – overall information


One of the few Holdem free poker applications, Appeak Porker, gives you the authentic porker experience as it is played in poker rooms all over the world, not some video poker knockoff.

For newcomers to Texas Hold’em who want to pass the time, have some fun, and become comfortable playing online poker, Appeak Poker is the perfect option. The Appeak app also allows intermediate and even more serious gamers to participate in the Big stakes and compete on the Top-30 chip leaderboard.

Appeak Poker provides quick, straightforward Hold’em action at various stakes, including Multi-Table Tournaments. Since Appeak Poker is one of the more well-known free mobile poker apps, there are always a ton of play-money games active. having more than 70,000 active users and having had more than 1 million downloads.

Additionally, you can choose from more than 40 avatars and a daily bonus of 1000 chips!

Before playing at home or making a deposit at an online poker casino, players who are merely looking to learn the fundamentals of poker should check out Appeak Poker.

Despite being a straightforward program, Appeak has some interesting features. One is the regularly occurring duels when you can engage in a heads-up conflict with a person from a rival nation. A quick game can be had in an entertaining style.

There is also a well-liked scoreboard featuring regional, European, North American, and Asian divisions that are highly competitive. If you want to play some entertaining, free poker on your mobile device, Appeak Poker is a simple download.

Using the Play Now function, you may quickly find and join a free game after opening the Appeak Poker app. You can also see the entire lobby and choose from any of the active tables there.

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Appeak poker features


To keep the poker program straightforward yet useful, Appeak Poker provides simple 2D graphics, the four-color deck, check, fold, and bet buttons, as well as the betting slider and mirrors while playing on a legitimate online poker site. You also receive a player profile that details your skill level and development, including your best hands, winning percentage, and the next level you plan to reach. Additionally, you can speak with anyone at your table while playing poker by using the in-game chat feature.

Appeak Poker delivers one of the quickest mobile online poker experiences accessible because to its simplified software. enabling you to enter and begin playing in a flash.

Additionally, Appeak Poker adapts well to a variety of devices with various screen sizes. The cards are attractive, and it is simple to always see how much money is in the pot as well as the values and suits of each card. You won’t see the flashy Zynga Poker gimmicks, but that’s okay. Poker is the main focus, and it is obvious.

Daily Achievements & Leaderboard

There is no loyalty program at Appeak Poker, but there is a fun daily achievement system. Players are rewarded by the accomplishment system for completing little objectives like winning a particular quantity of hands. Hence encouraging you to raise your game. The Appeak leaderboard can then be controlled by players as they go through reward levels. Be the best player by winning the competition.

Duel With Friends

You cannot set up and play private games with a large number of pals using the Appeak mobile app. On the other hand, you can duel alone with buddies.

Soft competition and traffic

The competition gets stronger the higher you play on the leaderboard, thus there is a pecking order for poker talent. For a speedier level-up, you can also purchase chips.

However, there is a welcoming, international playing community that is eager to share poker strategies and counsel newcomers. Therefore, Appeak Poker is for you if you’re seeking a quick, cost-free, and incredibly enjoyable approach to learning the game of poker.

Players join Appeak Poker from all around the world, including the United States, Canada, and England. Although there will be more low-stakes cash games operating during off-peak hours, there won’t be many tables open for medium-high-stakes games – at most, there will be one or two. The best course of action is to utilize your registration code to start a game with a few buddies or even a one-on-one duel.

Find an Appeak game – fast!

The lobby lists all active Appeak Poker tables, all of which are Texas Hold’em. You can see the number of players seated at the table and the buy-in from the stated information.

All tables play with five players, and there are cash games and sit-and-gos available. The lowest buy-in for cash games is 80 chips, and the maximum is 200,000 chips. The smallest SnG is 400 chips, and the largest is a whopping 2,000,000!

Here are the variants you’ll find:

  • Cash Games
  • Sit-and-Go
  • Double Up
  • Bingo Bango
  • Blackjack and slot side games

Is Appeak poker free?

The only currency used on Appeak Poker is played money, making it completely free to download and play on any phone.

How to download Appeak poker

Appeak poker APK download

For the Appeak poker APK download, Go to google play, search “Appeak poker” and then download the app. To make it easier for you to download this application, we have provided you with the download link right below.

Download now from Google Play!

Appeak poker iOS

To download Appeak Poker for iOS, you need to go to App Store, search “Appeak poker” and then download the app. To make it easier for you to download this application, we have provided you with the download link right below.

Download now from App Store!

Appeak poker for PC

To download Appeak Poker for PC, you need to go to google play, search “Appeak poker” and then download the app to your PC. To make it easier for you to download this application, we have provided you with the download link right below.

Download now from Google Play!

For a more intuitive view of how to download this app, please watch this video: Download Appeak Poker – The Best Poker App!

How to play Appeak poker games?


To begin, select one of the three prompt cards on the home screen, such as Explore or Play. In order to access the 5,000-chip welcome bonus, Appeal Poker games, and 1,000 chip daily bonuses, you must register by email or Facebook.

Find a table, decide on your stakes and format, and then sit down to play. Then you can start completing goals like winning a hand, obtaining a straight, or getting a flush. You gain experience points and additional free chips as a result. Therefore, if you run out of chips, don’t worry; more are on the way.

If you initially find the tempo of the game challenging, persevere! It takes time to become proficient at making quick decisions in poker, as well as learning how to use the various buttons and set your bet amounts. Have fun, socialize with other players, and familiarize yourself with the many poker scenarios.

Appeak poke cheats

Numerous poker apps appear to have “hacks” or “cheats” that can get you access to unlimited free chips. There is no need to be concerned about this, even though it might not always check out, thanks to the Appeak app. You’ll have more opportunities to earn free chips through daily challenges in addition to your launch bonus of 5,000 free chips and a daily bonus of 1,000 chips.

Appeak Poker free chips

Gaining more chips by moving up the scoreboard is possible. To increase your bankroll and maybe enter bigger stakes tournaments and earn the title of “pro,” you can even purchase as many chips as you like (up to a maximum of 5,000,000 at once). If you place first in one of the entertaining SnG events on the Appeak Poker app, you’ll also receive a flood of fresh chips.

Common asked questions

Can you win money with Appeak Poker?

You can get more money if you win. However, this amount is virtual money only and you cannot withdraw it.

Is Appeak Poker real money poker site?

No, it is not. This is not the program to use if you want to make real money; instead, you should download a real-money poker client. However, as it stands, Appeak Poker is the ideal tool for comparing live and online poker without having to risk any money. Because there’s no “currency” in play.

Can you play Appeak poker on the desktop?

Yes, you can. After you download it to your computer then you can play it right on the desktop.

What do I do if I lose my Appeak chips?

If this occurs, don’t worry. You will once again earn the daily bonus of 1,000 when you log in tomorrow. By clicking “Get chips” on the game’s main screen, you can also purchase chips (for real money). It should be noted that accounts are deleted if users purchase or sell chips to other users.


Above is our Appeak Poker review. You can enjoy playing poker at Appeak and meet new people. You can issue friend invitations to other gamers and talk with them. In their profile or at the table, you may view their country of origin by clicking on the flag next to their avatar.

Overall, the games provide a relaxed environment as opposed to the intense competitiveness you could encounter at some larger poker apps. Because you know you’re playing against actual humans and not just a computer, this is also a fantastic play money poker app. For more poker apps reviews, visit!

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