Best online Poker apps for Android and iOS


Are you looking for the best online poker apps? One of the most played card games worldwide is poker and gambling games. There are numerous variations, and playing it is simple. You may even bet by throwing some money into the mix.

On Android and iOS, there are a ton of poker apps and games, as you would surely assume. Unexpectedly, there aren’t many excellent ones. Nearly everyone can play for free, and the game has been adjusted for that sort of thing. Even though you anticipate losing some games, it might still be discouraging occasionally. Nevertheless, there are a few good ones available, and we discovered a handful. The top gambling apps and games are listed below!

The best 10 apps to play poker online



Price: Free with in-app purchases

One of the newest poker applications is Appeak. It offers over 100,000 active poker players, interesting in-game challenges, and a straightforward user interface that prioritizes the game. In case you should a chance to run out, the game gives you 7000 free coins each day.

If you choose, you can play in both sit-and-go tournaments and standard poker games. The total complexity is low. Additionally, compared to many others, it doesn’t strike the pay-to-win nerve as hard. It’s excellent, particularly if you like playing against actual opponents.

For more information, please check out our Appeak Poker review.

Download Appeak from: Google Play or App Store.

Governor of Poker 3


Price: Free with in-app purchases

One of the more standard poker apps for Android is Governor of Poker 3. There are numerous features and game modes. There are six distinct variations of poker available to play, including Texas Hold’em, as well as online games and blackjack.

Every four hours, it provides you with chips and has a spinner that can offer you more. Additionally, cross-platform support is included. Through Facebook, Steam, iOS, and Android, you can play online. Some critics have criticized the slim chances of winning. But that’s kind of how gaming operates. As long as you don’t take it too seriously, it’s enjoyable.

Download from Google Play store!

Mega Hit Poker


Price: Free

A superior freemium poker game is Mega Hit Poker. A slot mini-game, tournaments, different gaming modes, a respectable number of free chips, and some social features are all featured in the game. To check how well you fared, you can even record your games.

The creators are also proud of their iTech Labs RNG accreditation. The game’s menu contains a link to the certification. We’re not sure if that improves it in any way, but most other Google Play reviewers and we both liked this one.

For more information, please read our Mega Hit Poker reviews.

Download from Google Play store!

Offline Poker


Price: Free

One of the more recent poker variations is offline poker. The offline play is its main draw. It can be played anytime, anywhere, and without an internet connection. Other game features include online player versus player, quick folding, multiplayer for up to six players, and a straightforward user interface (UI). While the online community is enjoyable to play against, the AI was a touch challenging but definitely beatable.

Download from Google Play store!

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Poker 5 Card Draw


Price: Free

Another more recent poker variant is Poker 5 Card Draw. This one is passable but not outstanding. There are four different game modes involving both actual players and AI bots. Up to eight players can participate in the multiplayer, and there are many choices for online play for players of all skill levels.

The bot training mode functions properly. You’ll see some big hands on the same round that you have your own since, as usual, cards don’t behave realistically. Thus, we believe that the RNG has been slightly modified. Apart from that, it’s a decent little poker game.

Download from Google Play store!

Video Poker Classic


Price: Free

The video poker app Video Poker Classic is quite straightforward. Nearly 40 different game kinds and authentic Vegas shuffling are boasted by the makers. In our tests, it was adequate but not particularly noteworthy.

Additionally, you receive offline help, free coins every four hours, and more. The physics are quite sound, but the user interface isn’t the prettiest. The over 40 different game kinds are the main story, though. That ought to keep the game engaging for a while. It’s a free-to-play game. This one’s freemium components aren’t as awful as many others, though.

Download from Google Play store!

Video Poker Offline


Price: Free

Another straightforward video poker program is Video Poker Offline. Like most of its rivals, this software is freemium. But compared to most, this one seems to do it better.

The game has a variety of game styles, support for English, Spanish, and Chinese, and both online and offline play. The basics are easy enough, however, the UI might be better. One of the rare freemium poker games with positive reviews on Google Play is this one. It performed admirably during our tests.

Download from Google Play store!

Link Youtube: Play video poker – Free poker game on android by Super Free.

World Series of Poker


Price: Free

One of the best online poker apps and games available right now are undoubtedly the World Series of Poker. Poker variants including Texas Hold’em and Omaha are supported. You can play online with a huge number of people in a range of situations and events as well.

Your same account may be used to play on Facebook or the official website, where you’ll receive free chips every four hours. If you prefer to play slots, there are also some available. Although it is the most basic freemium poker game, it excels at what it does.

Download from Google Play store!

Link Youtube: WSOP Free Poker

Zynga Poker


Price: Free

You can participate in a wide range of game kinds and activities. Many people, however, firmly believe that this game does not employ a true RNG mechanism. It’s up to you to decide if they’re correct. It’s a good, entertaining game to play, but if you like to win all the time, you might want to avoid it. Try it out at least once.

Download from Google Play store!

Link Youtube: Zynga poker game trailer

Poker Apps With Real Money


There are a few fantastic options if you already know the poker rules and want to jump right into the excitement of Betting in poker. One of the finest poker apps is 888 Poker, a reliable and well-made poker software that will get you playing right away and give you a good chance to win some money in real-money poker games with its beginner-friendly games.

Download it on Google Play.

Above is our recommendation of what we consider the best online poker apps for Android and iOS. Tell us about any outstanding poker applications or games we overlooked. Visit  for more information on games & apps reviews.

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