Breast Augmentation: Rules and Practice

 Breast Augmentation: Principles and Practice Essay

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Vojnosanit Pregl 2013; 70(10): 940–946.

UDC: 172. 9: 616]: 618. 19-089. 844

DOI: 10. 2298/VSP1310940N


Psychosocial characteristics and mindset factors in woman searching for cosmetic breast implants surgery

Psihosocijalne karakteristike i actually motivacioni faktori kod Еѕena koje Еѕele estetsko uveГјanje grudi

Jelena NikoliГј*, Zlata JanjiГј*, Marija MarinkoviГј*, Jelica PetroviГјвЂ, Teodora BoЕѕiü‡

*Clinic of Plastic material and Reconstructive Surgery, ‡Clinic of Anesthesiology and Rigorous Care, Scientific Center of Vojvodina, Novi Sad, Serbia; †Department of Psychology, Teachers of Phylosophy, University of Novi Sad, Novi Unhappy, Serbia



Background/Aim. There are various views regarding the

elements motivating ladies to undergo breast augmentation.

The aim of this kind of study was to estimate motivation for development mammaplasty (AM), self-esteem and body image belief in breast augmentation patients. Strategies. This potential study engaged AM sufferers operated in the Clinical Middle of Vojvodina during a 3-year period. An overall total of forty-five patients taken care of immediately our package deal of forms designed to determine motivation to get surgery, self-pride level and body image belief. Those individuals were compared to the control group of women who did not want to alter their size of breasts, and who had been similar in their age, cultural status and education level. Our package of forms included an over-all questionnaire, Photographic Figure Score Scale (PFRS) and Rosenberg's Self-Esteem Size. Results. Variations in marital position, educational level, habitation and employment status

were statistically insignificant, but there was a significantly reduce body mass index (BMI) in the controlled women. Taking into consideration motives for surgery, a few factors were distinguished: wish to feel even more feminine (82. 2%), self-confident (75. 5%) and

appealing (73. 3%), to truly feel less timid with guys (64. 4%), to improve their very own sex life (46. 5%), teasing history (42. 2%) and easier to look for a partner (11. 1%) and job (2. 2%). The two groups shown a high self-pride level, but also in the the AM group results were below in the control group. The mean current self-rating by PFRS inside the group AM was less than in the control group (4. 28 В± 1 . several vs 5. 12 В± 1 . 23, respectively) and this coincided with lower BMI in the WAS group. The women in

the AM group had picked significantly smaller body size as

maximally attractive, together chosen a narrower appealing

body size range compared to the women in the control group. Conclusion. Preoperative evaluation of patients' reasons for surgical treatment can help surgeons to exclude woman with unrealistic expectations and different emotional problems.

Uvod/Cilj. Postoje razliГїita miЕЎljenja o Гїiniocima koji motiviЕЎu Еѕene da aprendi podvrgnu operaciji uveГЅanja grudi. Cilj ove studije bio je ag se procene motivi za operaciju uveГЅanja grudi, nivo samopouzdanja kod tih pacijentkinja i liГїni doЕѕivljaj sopstvene slike calo. Metode. Ova prospektivna studija obuhvatila jou pacijentkinje kojima je uraДЂena augmentaciona mamoplastika (grupa AM) u KliniГїkom centru Vojvodine u toku tri godine. Na paket upitnika koji je osmiЕЎljen da se procene motivi za operaciju, nivo samopouzdanja i liГїni doЕѕivljaj slike tela odgovorilo je forty-five pacijentkinja. Kontrolnu grupu Гїinile su Еѕene sliГїnog Еѕivotnog doba, socijalnog statusa we nivoa obrazovanja koje nisu Еѕelele weil menjaju veliГїinu grudi. U istraЕѕivanju tu koriЕЎteni opЕЎti upitnik, Rozenbergov upitnik za procenu samopoЕЎtovanja i Photo taking Figure Score Scale (PFRS) test. Rezultati. Nisu utvrДЂene statistiГїki znaГїajne razlike izmeДЂu dve grupe Еѕena u sociodemografskim varijablama (braГїnom statusu, nivou obrazovanja, mestu stanovanja i zaposlenju), ali je utvrДЂen znaГїajno niЕѕi indeks telesne mase (BMI) kod Еѕena koje su Еѕelele uveГЅanje grudi. NajГїeЕЎГЅe navoДЂeni motivi za operaciju bili su: Еѕelja za poveГЅanjem Еѕenstvenosti (82, 2%), samopouzdanja (75, 5%) i...

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