Complete Guide to Bumble Dating App 2022


We’re sure you’ve heard of Bumble date in online dating. This platform aims to change the archaic dating dynamics and give women control over their own lives. Changing the communication settings such that the women must like a profile before the profile owner may message them and also be the one to initiate (and unlock) the conversation is the major method used to do this.

Bumble dating app overview


Bumble is an online dating service that uses the swipe method and strives to empower women. On Bumble, a woman is the sole gender that has the choice to initiate contact, and this must be made within 24 hours. The only exception is when a match happens between men or non-binary individuals. In this case, both are allowed to make the first move.

The Bumble dating app was established in 2014 by Whitney Wolfe Herd, a former Tinder employee, in the United States.  The app has evolved over the past several years from just connecting people for love relationships to also facilitating friendship and business relationships and becomes one of the top free dating apps in 2022.

3 key modes in Bumble and how they work


What’s special about this app is that Bumble is designed not only for dating but also for hanging out and networking. When using Bumble, you can switch between three modes, which are:

  • Bumble Date: Find that spark in an empowered community
  • Bumble BFF: Make new friends at every stage of your life
  • Bumble Bizz: Move your career forward the modern way

Bumble Date

Bumble Date mode is for users who are looking for a significant other. You can use a swipe-based approach to matchmaking. Swiping is a way for members to show interest in one another. When there is a match that they both like, both members are notified! However, this is when things begin to diverge. 

Bumble does not initiate a chat immediately away but gives the lady 24 hours to do so. If she doesn’t reply within that time frame, the match ends and nobody else can message her until they match again. The experience can be improved by using extra features and boost-style features, which we cover in a few minutes.

Bumble BFF

A Bumble Date variant called Bumble BFF is for assisting users in finding new friends. Although the matching procedure is relatively similar, users’ only goal is to establish an online friendship.

Bumble Bizz

Bumble Bizz, which uses a similar matching algorithm, focuses more on bringing together those looking to network professionally. The goal of these matches is to connect people for business and professional goals, even though they could result in friendships or romantic interests.

How to set up a Bumble profile – An ultimate guide 2022

Sign up and log in


Start by entering simply your phone number or your Apple ID, Facebook profile, or both. You need to send a text message to confirm your phone number.

Next, you give your name, birthdate, and gender. With the basic gender options being man, woman, and non-binary, as well as the optional descriptions of a trans woman, and genderfluid, Bumble is much ahead of the pack when it comes to gender identification. You can begin creating your profile when the fundamentals have been included.

Get matched

Set the age range and maximum distance filters on Bumble, which are both free, before you begin looking for matches. If you have Premium, you may further filter your matches based on things like smoking and drinking preferences, educational level, kind of relationship, and more. Many profiles have a wealth of details, such as a bio, interests, images, and brief prompts. You can swipe right to like and left to pass on these profiles.

A person’s profile appears in your match queue when they have liked you and there is a match. You may text, take voice notes, send GIFs, upload images and videos, and conduct video calls using the chat feature.

You can watch this video on how matching works on Bumble.

Delete your account

If you delete your account and later change your mind, you must create a new account from scratch.

Step 1: Tap the Profile icon after launching the Bumble app.

Step 2: To access the settings on Bumble, use the gear symbol.


Step 3: At the settings tab’s bottom, click Delete account.

Step 4: By tapping one of the following options, you can select a justification for closing your Bumble account:

  • discovered/in a relationship
  • Billing Problem
  • Unhappy with Service Other

Step 5: To confirm, tap Delete account.


Bumble date reviews

Many male Reddit users claim that the app is beneficial since it attracts women of higher caliber who are searching for something a little more serious. In fact, 66% of matches result in a chat.

There are some possible problems, though. You will not be able to send the first message ever, to start. Imagine matching with a beautiful woman only to have the match ended after 24 hours since the first message wasn’t delivered in a timely manner.

Second, you might encounter some cynical female Bumble users who have trouble with guys. Though undoubtedly in the minority, this is something to be aware of.

Does anyone actually meet anyone on Bumble? Here are more reviews by users on Bumble Reddit.


  • Women are not overrun with unsolicited texts. It’s not too difficult to take items off the app since she chose to get in touch with you.
  • 60% of matches result in a chat.
  • With 55% of users being male, the gender demographics of the app are essentially equal.
  • Due to the 300-character limit on your bio, creating an account is simple.


  • Only women can start a conversation; men are unable to do so. Therefore, if you have some excellent icebreakers in your toolbox, you won’t have the opportunity to apply them.
  • Once you both swiped right, she has 24 hours to get in touch with you. Therefore, the match is over if a woman you’re interested in doesn’t message you. 

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Is Bumble safe?

Yes, it is. By shooting a selfie that is compared to your profile photographs on Bumble, you can validate your profile. Additionally, there is an optional vaccination badge that allows individuals to securely date in the Covid-19 era.

If someone doesn’t treat you with respect, you may always unmatch, block, and report them. Additionally, Bumble’s website offers specific content on privacy and security support issues including identifying and dealing with catfishing.

In order to provide you with matchmaking services, Bumble collects personal data such as your name and birthdate as well as app usage data such as login time and pages visited. Bumble may also use your IP address and gender to serve adverts on third-party services.

Is Bumble free?


Yes. The online dating app Bumble gives you two options. You can use the free version with limited access or upgrade to the premium plan. Here is more detailed information about each plan.

Bumble free plan

You can set some basic search parameters with Bumble’s free plan, such as the age range and maximum distance, but more complex ones, like family plans and religion, are only available with Premium. You can add up to six photos, a bio, and three concise questions that highlight your personality to your own page.

Unlike other dating sites, you can initiate chats with women you match with on the free plan. Because Bumble offers limitless chats and video calls, dating for free there is a reasonable possibility. There is, however, an unstated daily similar cap.

Bumble premium plan

In terms of features, Bumble Premium is comparable to Tinder Gold and enables you to:

  • View your Beeline to see who has liked your profile thus far.
  • When in Incognito Mode, only those you swipe right on will see you.
  • To connect with individuals in different places, use the travel mode.
  • All Advanced Filters are available.
  • Utilize all the capabilities offered by Bumble Boost.

Around $17.99 per week, $32.99 for a month, $66.99 for three months, and $199.99 for lifetime access are the prices for Bumble Premium. Location may affect pricing.

How to download Bumble

The procedure begins with installing the software on your Apple or Android device (APK file). After which you must choose whether to sign up using your social media accounts or your mobile device. You will then be directed to the steps to create your profile, upload images, establish your preferences, and start using the app after being prompted to verify your phone number.

The mobile app is far more user-friendly even though you may access the majority of platform features on Bumble Web. However, unlike some other dating apps, you must have your location turned on to use it.

Download Bumble: Android user | iOS user


Above is our review of the online app Bumble date. Since women have to initiate contact, Bumble is a terrific app if you’re seeking more thoughtful online dating. Within 24 hours, you must message or reply to matches. Chat, voice notes, and video calls are all acceptable forms of communication. In addition, don’t forget to visit BingWiki – best apps review site to know more apps!

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