CASELET two Essay


Bus. Ed. 2

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Ms. Rea At the. Kibir

Submitted simply by: Group two Hazel Ann Cuysona

Mother. Ella Buaya

Wella Gene Cutamora

Sheena Niña Boctot

Leeward Her Labunog

Wenchelle Datoy


Victoria Courtroom Drive-in Lodge and Restaurant is a chain of full-service motels wedding caterers mostly towards the upper cash flow market section. The traditional market for drive-in-hotels and hotels are lovers who avail of one out from the many specially designed " theme” rooms (Japanese room, jungle room, oval office area, game room etc . ) for three hours (now named wash-up time). In the early1990s, Victoria Courtroom embarked on an aggressive plan to attract two additional sections of the marketplace: the husband and wife marketplace and the party market. Their mission was to slowly enhance their image by communicating to the community that their particular drive-in resorts could be utilized predominantly pertaining to legitimate reasons such as for resting, or perhaps for group social events. They have as well acquired Resort La Culminacion affiliated with the very best Western international hotel group. THE THREE MARKETPLACE SEGMENTS

A. Drive-in Lodge & Restaurant

B. Your spouse & Partner Market

C. The Get together Market

A. Discover the requirements and wants of each from the three industry segments targeted by Exito Court. Solution:

a. Drive-in Hotel & Restaurant

Easy food/s

Comfortable atmosphere

Top quality service

Well accommodation

Standardization of equipments/materials

Quality personnel

b. Your spouse & Wife

Comfortable place

Convenient areas or suites for free time

Well-organized room

Well-groomed understructure for resting

Pleasant and clean comforter sets, bed sheets, etc .

Quality service

c. The Party Marketplace

Well accommodation

Secure place/atmosphere

Well-organized materials

Total facilities

Top quality service

N. Who will be their main competitors...

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