Hormone balance Final Questions

1 -The effects of household cleaners on the environment is minimized since these products happen to be formulated: a) To work with water and end up in wastewater treatment plants b) Free of chemical compounds

c) With natural ingredients just

d) To improve into green ingredients soon after use

two - A cationic surfactant is:

a) Positively charged

b) Negatively charged

c) Both favorably and adversely charged

d) None with the above

several - In the act of hair coloring, the des color is attained by: a) Oxidation from the natural curly hair pigment

b) Application of an organic synthetic color

c) Placing the hair in the desired condition

d) Treating the hair with a reducing agent

4 -- Fragrances in perfumes are generally experienced in three phases or paperwork because of the: a) Volatility with the ingredients

b) Density with the ingredients

c) Price with the ingredients

d) Color of the ingredients

5 -- Sunscreen products contain chemicals to absorb:

a) Microwaves

b) Vibration

c) Infrared radiation

d) UV Radiation

six - The effective chemical substance ingredients in deodorants happen to be:

a) Antiseptic agents and perfumes

b) Drinking water and desk salt

c) Pigments

d) Dyes

six - Surfactants are effective in:

a) Minimizing the density of normal water

b) Increasing the surface anxiety of drinking water

c) Decreasing the surface stress of drinking water molecules

d) Heating drinking water molecules

eight - Which will ions are responsible for the hardness of water? Ca2+ Mg2+ a) Na+ and K+

b) F- and Cℓ-

c) Al3+ and Br-

d) None of the above

on the lookout for - Inside the cleaning procedure the cleaning soap (or detergent) provides: a) Mechanical interaction

b) Heat interaction

c) Chemical conversation

d) non-e of the previously mentioned

10 - Laundry in particular are formulated by blending many materials because they will perform various functions. a) True

b) False

10 -Long cycle and cyclic structures are routine for organic and natural compounds mainly because carbon can build: a) Ionic bonds with other carbon atoms

b) Covalent bonds with other carbon atoms

c) Simply no bonds to carbon atoms

d) non-e of the above

12 -- The chemical substance with the method CH3OH is definitely an:

a) Alcohol

b) Ether

c) Amine

d) Ester

13 - The compound with all the formula C4H9OH is a great:

a) Liquor

b) Ether

c) Amine

d) Ester

14 -- How many hydrogen atoms are there within a compound while using formula CH3(CH2)3OH? a) 5

b) being unfaithful

c) 6th

d) 12

15 - How many hydrogen atoms are there in a compound while using formula CH3(CH2)3NH2? a) some

b) being unfaithful

c) eleven

d) 8

16 - The number of hydrogen atoms in a cyclohexane diamond ring is:

a) 6

b) 9

c) 12

d) non-e with the above

17 - The quantity of hydrogen atoms in a benzene ring can be:

a) 6th

b) on the lookout for

c) doze

d) non-e of the over

1 - Which from the following is a bacterial infection?

a) Cancer


c) Depression

d) None from the above

19 - Which usually of the pursuing is a bacterial infection?

a) Cancers


c) Despression symptoms

d) Tuberculosis

20 - Tetracyclines are being used as:

a) Anticancer medicines

b) Antiviral drugs

c) Antibiotics

d) None of the above

twenty one - Cephalosporins are used because:

a) Virocide drugs

b) Antibiotics

c) Anti-inflammatory medications

d) non-e of the previously mentioned

22 - Topoisomerase inhibitors are used for the treating: a) HELPS

b) Cancers

c) Autorevolezza

d) Arthritis

23 -- Chemotherapy entails treatment of tumor using:

a) Chemicals

b) Hypnotherapy

c) Surgery

d) non-e of the above

twenty four - Treating AIDS involves the use of

a) Antibacterial real estate agents

b) OTCs

c) Antiviral agents

d) Antidepressants

twenty-five - The treatment of AIDS entails the use of:

a) Antibacterial brokers

b) OTCs

c) Antidepressants

dd) non-e of the previously mentioned

26 -- SSRIs are being used as:

a) Fungicide

b) Insecticide

c) Antidepressants

d) Growth hormone

twenty seven - Treating depression requires the use of:

a) Penicillins

b) Protease inhibitors

c) Potent agents

d) SSRIs

twenty eight - It is believed the fact that effectiveness of Aspirin is caused by its ability to increase the production of prostaglandins. a) True

b) Fake

29 - A...

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