Computer Programming and Following Transactions

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Particular date: 07-07-14

Path: answer the next exercises and justify or explain. 1 ) Mark the following statements while true or false.

a. False

n. False

c. False

g. True

at the. True

f. False

g. True

h. True

i. Phony

j. True

k. Fake

a, w, c, d, e, g, j 2 . Which of the following will be valid C++ identifiers? a. myFirstProgram


c. C++Program2

d. quiz7

e. ProgrammingLecture2

farrenheit. 1footEquals12Inches

g. Mike'sFirstAttempt

h. Bring up to date Grade

my spouse and i. 4th

j. New_Student

b 3. Which of the following is a reserved word in C++?

a. Const

b. include

c. Char

d. void

e. int

farrenheit. Return

some. What is the difference between a keyword and a user-defined identifier? Verifications are brands that are directed at various program elements, including variable, function and arrays. C consider some arranged word called keyword, they have predefine meaning inВ C. Identifiers consist of albhabets and digits. Keyword be made up only notice. Identifier's initially character should be a notification. Keyword's every character is usually letter. Identifiers Upper and lowercase letter is make use of. Keywords are lowercase. Higher and lowercase are not comparative. Upper and lowercase are also not comparative. Like: Back button, sum_5, _weather etc . Yet 4thВ is not identifier trigger identifier 1st character need to a page. Like: vehicle, short, lengthy etc .

your five. Are the identifiers firstName and FirstName precisely the same?


6. Evaluate the next expressions.

a. 25 / 3 almost 8. 3

b. 20 -- 12 / 4 * 2

c. thirty-two % six

deb. 3 -- 5 % 7

e. 18. 0 / 5

n. 28 -- 5 as well as 2 . 0

g. 17 & 5 % 2 - 3

l. 15. zero + 3. 0 2. 2 . zero / 5. 0

7. If back button = your five, y sama dengan 6, z = four, and watts = three or more. 5, assess each of the following statements, if possible. If it is not possible, state the main reason.

a. (x + z) % y

w. (x + y) % w

c. (y + w) % times

m. (x + y) *w

e. (x % y) % z .

farrenheit. (y % z) % x

g. (x *z) % y

h. ((x *y) *w) *z

8. Given:

int num1, num2, newNum;

dual x, con;

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