Customers Earnings Analysis

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Customer profitability analysis

Consumer profitability research

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Prepared by Jasmin Harvey and Technical Details Service

January 2009

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Customer profitability analysis

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Topic Gateway Series

Buyer profitability analysis

Definition and concept

Customer Profitability Analysis (CPA) is definitely the:

‘Analysis in the revenue streams and support costs associated with certain customers or customer teams. ‘

VERTICE Official Terminology 2005

Kotler (1997) describes a profitable customer because:

‘A person, household or perhaps company that, over time, produces a earnings stream that exceeds by an acceptable volume the company's price stream of attracting, providing and maintenance that customer. '

The CIMA description does not provide any direction as to when the analysis of customer success should be taken on. Good practice suggests that this examination is taken on over the lifetime of customers, so that a Customer Life span Value (CLV) can be obtained. This really is calculated on the basis that the profitability of shoppers can vary drastically over the your life of their romantic relationship to a organization.


In the modern syllabus, learners will learn regarding and may always be examined in Customer Earnings Analysis (CPA) in P6 Management Accounting, Business Technique.

Related principles

Activity centered costing; feature costing; customer lifetime benefit (CLV); buyer value.

a few

Topic Entrance Series

Customer profitability evaluation


CPA (CERTIFIED PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT) is an important managing accounting instrument based on nice that each customer is different. As a result each buck of revenue or every single dollar of cost produced by the consumer does not bring about equally to a company's success. CPA's benefit lies in the ability to improve strategic decision making. In their book Killer clients: tell the favorable from the negative and grind your competitors, Selden and Colvin estimate the fact that top 20% of customers (by profitability) create more than 120% of an organisation's profits. In the meantime, the bottom 20% generate losses equalling more than completely of earnings. CPA can be used to work out which usually customers comprise the top twenty percent (and the underside 2%). It is also used to support companies to know: •

just how dependent they can be on the many profitable clients


what proportion of resources bring different buyers


the complete cost of servicing a customer including advertising, service and returns


which customers happen to be targeted simply by competitors.


Customer earnings analysis -- approach

The typical approach to CPA (CERTIFIED PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT) is...

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