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Brian Young Display

March 22, 2010

5. FBI ASAC Brian Fresh will be a particular guest loudspeaker for the students. В ASAC Young is the Assistant Exceptional Agent in Charge of the FBI Detroit Discipline Office. В ASAC Fresh is a past student in the Department of Criminal Justice, former Indiana State Police trooper, and former Indiana University Police Department a lot of the time officer.

5. Establishing a rapport is very important

* In order to get across a thought, sense, opinion

2. Communication is very important

2. Same simple foundation

5. Interviews/Interrogations

* Documents and recording

* Investigations aimed at the individual (FBI)

* UCO's

* Intensive (vs. Limited) source/intelligence based

* Significant public influence cases (FBI)

* September 11, 2001 FBI transformed forever

5. All criminal investigations hung national reliability *

* 5 priorities/duties which might be only performed by the FBI

* Protect…

* Counterintelligence Division as well as the Defense Brains Agency (DIA) * Changes resulting from 9/11

2. Emphasis on " Joint Duty” Assignments for all Bureau Managers * Launch of extensive Intellect (Analytical) Motivated Investigations 2. FBI Functions move coming from reactive posture to one securely planted in " predictive intelligence” * " FIND OUT YOUR DOMAIN”

* Knowing what's going on with you in the areas you patrol * Judicial Charging

2. Information (Charging Documents prepared by the Prosecutor's Office or USAO) 5. Commonly charged on the basis of data

* Most regularly used (vs. complaint, grand jury)

* Complaint (Charging Record prepared by the Investigating Agency/Officer/Agent supported by Affidavit) * Grand Jury (Charging Document by means of an Indictment)* * Indictment—federal government claims their circumstance (one sided) * " May be a violation of law…”


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