Coping Strategies

 Coping Approaches Essay

Coping strategies

A few of the techniques of stress management are listed below; please mark (_) that you practice.

A) Physical stress management approaches:

1) Minimizing physical tension

Set priorities b) Keeping ready well ahead

c) Alternating of heavy work with light work d) Utilization of time and work saving e) Take appointed help devices

2) Relaxation

a) Meditation b) Moving water

c) Remove time for amusement d) Consider rest

3) Correct good posture

a) Change of good posture b) Avoid strenuous position

c) Easy placement of things to reduce physical work

d) Use comfort and ease designed home furniture.

4) Diet

a) Consume less b) Take balanced diet plan

c) Excessive fibre diet plan d) Ingest more food

e) Consume food often in little quantities

5) Physical exercise

a) Swimming b) Walking

c) Playing games d) Going to health club

e) Physical activity f) Yoga exercise

6) Healing therapy

a) Sleeping supplement b) Feeling altering medicines

c) Tranquilizers d) Smoking cigarettes

e) Drinking f) non-e of the over

7) Natural care

a) Colour remedy c) Aroma therapy

b) Herbal therapy d) Drinking water therapy

e) Hot water remedy f) non-e of the previously mentioned

B) Mental stress management approaches:

1) Religious/ Meditation:

a) Meditation b) Offer prayer

c) Chanting of mantras d) Religious activity

e) Yoga f) Pilgrimage

2) Psychotherapy:

a) Change in routine c) Positive thinking

b) Recreation with family d) Cry to ease the stress.

3) Social Support:

a) Work in group c) Go to social gathering

b) Speak to some one d) Attending celebrations

e) Take counseling.

4) Altering Circumstance:

a) Modify of place c) Avoiding painful reminders.

b) Maintaining well organized home d) Adapting to the distressing events.

5) Reducing Tasks:

a) Delaying certain tasks. b) Rightly avoid disliked tasks c) Delegating the effort d) Changes in Preference of Job.

6) Performing the majority of liked activities

a) Portrait b) Hearing songs

c) Singing d)...

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