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Business Description| | Pg 3

| Products/Services Offered| Section 1 . you

| Mission| Section 1 ) 2

| Industry| Section 1 . 3

Company Summary| | Pg 4

| Start-Up| Section 2 . you

Company Ownership| | Pg 4

Marketing| | Pg 5

| Analysis Summary| Section 3. 1

| Website Marketing Strategy| Section several. 2

| Website Design| Section three or more. 3

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Competitor Analysis| | Pg 8

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Executive Overview

WeShop4U. com is a great e-commerce organization designed to become a market head in Online sales of personalized finding a gift. The company is found in Bridgewater, NJ. В Although many Internet corporations have just lately failed, the net is still poised to support web commerce retailers. В WeShop4U. com will overcome these problems with an easy-to-use website and hand picked staff in support of web sites uniqueness.

Within the next three years WeShop4U. com hopes to create an icon ecommerce brand through laser-focused marketing and providing wonderful services.


Business Information

1 . 1 Products/Services Offered

WeShop4U. com is an online gift suggestion site, supplying consumers inspired gift ideas and interactive, customized shopping services that permit them to become better, even more organized gift-givers. Gifts. com combines the advice of top gift idea experts with its interest and personality-based surprise finders to supply the most relevant hand-picked gift suggestions available, ranging from popular and trendy to unique and unexpected. Every gifts will be stocked and shipped from our partners (more information below). At the advanced level, we provide you with someone, that will browse and search for you under the requirements entered along with more information the consumer will give you. The personal buyer will then provide a number of choices to choose from depending on the information supplied. From here, in case the services are used from the actual shopper picked, there is a fee for the service.

1 . a couple of Mission

WeShop4U. com's quest is to give you the best assistance in shopping for gifts with a personal shopper's assistance to make the experience a much better and less dreadful for one. Using the Internet will reduce the customer's cost, and spending hours browsing on-line or in shops. We exist to attract as well as customers. В When we abide by this maxim, everything else can fall into place. В Our services will certainly exceed the expectations of the customers. В

1 ) 3 Market

In spite of the competition in the market, many companies have reported gross annual growth numbers of 20%. В The market market leaders are as follows:

* 100 gift shops. com: This website is actually a retailer of online gift shopping resource for tracking down specialty surprise shops, В personalized gifts, simple & region home decor decorations, unique gift ideas, handcrafted items. В 5. Gifts. com: Gifts. com provides neutral recommendations for fresh gift ideas that match all your criteria. -------------------------------------------------

Company Overview

WeShop4U. com's goal should be to become the web commerce market innovator in potential of internet based personalized shopping.

2 . you Start-up Summary

WeShop4U. com will incur the following start up costs:

Legal fees for the business enterprise formation.

Office materials.

Web design.

Line installation.

Desk, couch, filing cabinets.

Shelving products for inventory storage.

Computer system with Microsoft Business office, printer, and a broadband Internet connection,...

References: http://www.myownbusiness.org/s9/





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