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Int. T. Environ. Ers. Public Health 2009, 6, 2550-2567; doi: twelve. 3390/ijerph6102550 OPEN ACCESS

Intercontinental Journal of

Environmental Analysis and

Public well-being

ISSN 1660-4601


Specialist Community Nurses: A major Analysis with their Role inside the Management of Long-Term Conditions

Gretl A. McHugh 5., Maria Horne, Karen We. Chalmers and Karen A. Luker University of Nursing jobs, Midwifery & Social Operate, University of Manchester, Jean McFarlane Building, Oxford Highway, Manchester M13 9PL, UK; E-Mails: karen. [email protected] air conditioning unit. uk (M. H. ); karen. [email protected] ac. uk (K. I. C. ); karen. [email protected] ac. uk (K. A. L. ) * Author to whom messages should be resolved; E-Mail: gretl. [email protected] alternating current. uk; Tel.: +44 161 306 7772; Fax: + 44 161 306 7867.

Received: several September 2009 / Acknowledged: 25 Sept. 2010 2009 as well as Published: twenty nine September 2009

Abstract: The aim of this story review is usually to identify tactics in use by specialist community and public welfare nurses inside the prevention, attention and management of individuals with long-term circumstances, specifically chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and musculoskeletal disorders. These kinds of conditions have already been selected as they are highly common; a burden on health providers globally and a major public welfare issue. Coming from a UK policy perspective, specialist community nurses had been placed at the forefront of taking a business lead role in the coordination and delivery of more reactive services for people with longterm conditions; whether this has been an efficient use of expertise and reference is doubtful. We methodically searched relevant databases between 1999–2009 to identify interventions employed by specialist community nurses and critically evaluated the research. This review reports on impact and value of interventions utilized by specialist community nurses inside the prevention and management of COPD and musculoskeletal circumstances, and makes recommendations for improving companies.

Keywords: public health; community medical; long-term circumstances

Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health 2009, 6


1 . Advantages

The increase in prevalence of long-term conditions (LTCs), mainly due to the rising elderly populace and life-style behaviors, can be described as major public health issue. Worldwide, the challenge for governments is finding effective health care solutions to manage the rising burden of chronic conditions [1]. In the United Kingdom (UK), there is a drive by the government to manage better individuals with long lasting conditions in primary attention. This includes emphasizing self-care with patients getting experts at managing their particular condition [2]. The National Well being Service (NHS) Improvement Plan [3] sets out the government's strategy for enhancing care of individuals with long-term circumstances by moving towards a patient-centered approach. It is recommended that attention should be focused in major care adjustments but with superior partnerships and communications throughout all health and social attention agencies. The burden on the UK health care system in both primary and secondary attention is high. It is estimated that 30% of individuals who have report using a long-term condition (LTC), accounts for 52% of most GP appointments, 65% of most outpatient visits and 72% of inpatient days [4]. Surexcitation of conditions, such as respiratory system diseases often lead to hospitalization of individuals, which has economic significance for the NHS. In order to manage the increasing needs on the overall health service, the NHS has increased the role that rns play in the management of individuals with LTCs [5-7]. Practice nurses who work in general practices under the auspices of the general practitioner have had a role in patient attention and remedying of individuals with LTCs. Previously, in primary treatment, community nursing staff, such as district nurses have gotten a role in assessment and co-ordination of the health and sociable care demands of seniors. District nursing staff have two years...

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