How to Like Someone On Hinge & Actually Get A Like Back (2023 Guide)


Debuted in 2012, Hinge defines itself as a dating app “designed to be deleted” and is for those seeking relationships and “meaningful connections” as opposed to those seeking acquaintances or hookups. And yes, it’s proven to be true. The numbers say that this dating app has a 90% success rate in matching people and most people end up staying together.

Want to try your luck? Here’s how to like someone on Hinge and get a like back for real in 2023.

How to send likes on Hinge

Like a profile/Swipe right


Hinge functions similarly to other dating apps in that users are shown profiles that they can like or dislike. The main distinction between Hinge and other dating apps is how users can match. However, Hinge users will like or dislike profiles by pressing the heart and x buttons instead of swiping right or left with their thumbs.

Regarding design, you have to look at the profile instead of quickly swiping like in most other hookup apps. Additionally, you are only permitted to like only 8 profiles per day, which forces them to carefully review each profile before using their likes. Online dating on Hinge has slowed down due to this procedure.

To like someone on Hinge, you should see and tap the heart icon next to an image or the question mark to like a profile on Hinge.

Like a picture


You can choose any image that is shown and press the heart icon next to the picture. By doing that, you let that person know that you like their profile photo and entail that you want to match with them. Of course, when a like is sent, the person will receive a notification and they will decide whether to like you back or not.

Each image on Hinge now has captions as well. You can find a photo caption when tapping on it directly. The photo caption may contain the time the photo was taken or the inspiration for it, allowing each image to have more depth.

Like Instagram photos

Photo credit: u/Woooftickets on Reddit

Instagram Likes is another service that Hinge offers users. When visiting one’s profile, you will see pages of Instagram images and learn more about their physical appearance as long as their lifestyle and preferences.

Besides, you can also find a heart icon next to their Instagram picture and heart it like you would on one of your profile photos. They will be notified as well.

Like question prompts on Hinge


Hinge stands out because it offers user inquiry prompts. Because of its success, other dating apps like Bumble date have now added this feature.

Basically, these prompts are pre-written questions that enable one to reveal a little more about their personality. Common topics are what your favorite foods are and what your favorite pastime is. One Hinge profile can answer more than 20 questions about themselves. 

As common as matching with images is matching with question prompts. Hinge lets you match with other users based on their responses by tapping the heart icon next to these question prompts. For instance, if the profile responds to a question about liking dogs and you share that sentiment, we advise you to like and heart the response.

Like a message

Photo credit: Hinge

Hinge has a tool called “Invite to Chat” that allows users of any gender to connect with someone who has liked or commented on a photo or other stimulus and extend an invitation to chat. Without this functionality, anyone can send the initial message.

The goal here is to reduce ghosting and to demonstrate an intent to converse without using words. Additionally, this function allows you to mark messages as answered. These are polite/rude reminders to talk to your match again.

You can like someone’s messages by double tapping on the message and the little heart will appear.

How to respond to a Like on Hinge

Like someone back on Hinge


How to like someone back on Hinge? You have the option to Like someone back if you were the one who received a Like from another profile.

There will be an immediate match as a result. On the Likes You panel at the bottom of the Hinge homepage, or by tapping the heart icon above it, you may see a list of the users who have “liked” you.

If you click the Match button on someone’s profile and decide you like them, it will be transferred to the Match tab and you can start a conversation. And Hinge matches will never expire 🙂

5 tips to successfully start a conversation on Hinge


Now you know how to like someone on Hinge, but what do you do after getting a match? The next thing we will talk about is how to start a conversation.

These 5 best tips for you to start a conversation:

1/ Make a comment on someone’s profile photo to let them know which one speaks to you.

There are at least six photos required for a Hinge profile, giving you something to say. Try pointing out their location in the image, enquiring about their expertise, or paying them compliments on their attire.

2/ Make an open-ended question

Open-ended questions demand an explanation, which makes them a surefire way to start a conversation. When you first begin speaking with your Match, stick to queries that call for more information than a simple “yes” or “no.” This will help you connect with them and get a better idea of who they are.

3/ Compliment them

Start up the conversation by describing your feelings for them. You’ve noticed Your Match for a reason. Perhaps it’s their sparkling eyes, stunning smile, or humorous nature. Start the conversation with flattering praise and mention what initially drew you to them.

4/ Tell a joke

Introduce yourself with a funny comment. Why not offer some of your own comedy if your match seems to have a sense of fun? Jokes are a quick and entertaining way to introduce yourself and make people laugh; extra points if you can incorporate a reference from their profile.

5/ Be courteous

If you take into account your Match’s feelings, they will want to talk. Being disrespectful and unkind to someone is the last thing anyone wants to do. Talking to new people while remaining upbeat, polite, and open can make a good first impression.

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Pass a Like on Hinge

You must match or skip each incoming Like as a Hinge member one at a time if you want to see them all. There isn’t another option like ignoring that profile, meaning you will no longer be able to see the Like that someone sent you if you skip them or match with them

If you have a Hinge Preferred Membership, you may see everyone who has liked you at once by touching on All in the top left corner of your screen.

Hinge Likes per day

A user may receive 8 likes each day, according to the Hinge FAQ page, and the Likes reset at 4:00 AM every day. The number of likes on the free edition of mobile dating applications like Hinge is restricted in order to entice users to upgrade to the premium version, whose prices are included in the picture below.


While Hinge is a free dating app, many features of Hinge are restricted and only accessible via its paywall.

How to get more Likes on Hinge for free?

Sadly, Hinge only allows premium users to have an unlimited number of likes. Up to now, there seem to be no secrets on how to get unlimited likes on Hinge without paying a dime. Considering Hinge’s high success rate, it’s worth upgrading your profile to the premium version if you haven’t caught any fish after months of trying. You know, good things take time.

FAQs on the Hinge dating app

How long does it take to get Likes on Hinge?

The algorithm or how much time you spend on the platform is not the main factor in why you aren’t earning more likes. It all boils down to your Hinge profile’s primary structure.

  • Your profile doesn’t accurately reflect who you are.
  • The photos you posted are outdated.
  • Your prompts are too dull.
  • Not Frequently Updating Your Hinge Profile

If you haven’t got a Like in months, it’s recommended to take a look at your profile and change it if necessary. Put in the work! A Hinge app profile with no matches is a poor, general profile that can only turn away potential matches. Be specific and show your true color.

For more advice on your profile, you can visit Hingeapp on Reddit here.

How to delete Hinge and start over?

Both the app and your profile should be deleted. If you signed up using Facebook, be sure to disconnect from it and never use it again.

You’ll want to re-download the app and join once you’ve properly deleted yourself from it. We won’t be using Facebook again; instead, Google Voice will provide us with a new phone number.

Why can’t I like on Hinge?

Members of Hinge can submit up to 8 Likes each day. At 4:00 AM local time, those Likes will be reset. Send as many messages as you want once you’ve matched with someone. Members of Hinge Preferred have a limitless capacity for sending Likes.

How to like someone on Hinge without sending a rose?

The only way to “like” someone once you’ve landed on their profile through the standout tab is to send a rose. There is no assurance that the same users will appear in your usual discover feed; however, it is possible. So it might be worthwhile to send a rose if you find someone through standouts.

Does Hinge notify you when you screenshot?

Users of the Hinge app are not informed when any screenshots are taken. That implies that you can record chat conversations as well as profile descriptions, images, and even chat messages without raising suspicion.

The obvious drawback to this is that you have no way of knowing if the other person is keeping screenshots of your chats or Hinge profile.


Users can like Instagram photos, question prompts, and images on Hinge. The user is sent a match notice box to send their match formally after clicking the heart icon to like one of the three. You’ll also notice a dialogue window on this screen from which you can send a customized message.

Use these customized texts to have the upper hand on other men/women vying for the same woman/man. Keep in mind that you are up against other profiles for their attention. Utilize as many features as you can on Hinge to stand out and find matches.

And that is how to like someone on the Hinge app, hope it helps. For more dating tips and app reviews, kindly visit us at BingWiki.

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