How to Respond to Pick Up Lines on Dating Apps


Dating apps have become the go-to platform for people to meet and find their potential partners. However, it is not uncommon to come across pick-up lines from other users that can leave you feeling uncomfortable or even annoyed. In this article, we’ll discuss how to respond to pick up lines on dating apps in a way that is respectful, assertive, and true to your personality.

Understanding Pick-Up Lines


Pick-up lines are often used as a way to start a conversation with someone you find attractive. However, some people use pick-up lines that can be inappropriate, disrespectful, or downright offensive. It is important to understand the intentions behind pick-up lines before you respond to them.

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Types of Pick-Up Lines

Not all pick-up lines are the same. Some are cheesy and harmless, while others can be offensive and inappropriate. Here are some common types of pick-up lines:

Cheesy Pick-Up Lines

Cheesy pick-up lines are often used as a way to break the ice and start a conversation. They can be humorous and playful, but they can also come across as insincere or corny. Examples of cheesy pick-up lines include:

  • “Do you have a map? I keep getting lost in your eyes.”
  • “Is your name Google? Because you have everything I’ve been searching for.”

Complimentary Pick-Up Lines

Complimentary pick-up lines are used to flatter the person you’re interested in. They can be sincere and genuine, but they can also come across as insincere or manipulative. Examples of complimentary pick-up lines include:

  • “You’re beautiful. Can I buy you a drink?”
  • “I can’t believe someone like you is on this app. You’re way out of my league.”

Inappropriate Pick-Up Lines

Inappropriate pick-up lines are used to make sexual advances or to objectify the person you’re interested in. They can be offensive and disrespectful, and they should be called out and reported if you encounter them. Examples of inappropriate pick-up lines include:

  • “Do you have a boyfriend? If not, want one?”
  • “I have a big surprise for you if you’re interested.”

How to Respond to Pick-Up Lines


The way you respond to pick-up lines depends on the type of pick-up line you receive and your personal boundaries. Here are some tips on how to respond to pick-up lines:

Cheesy Pick-Up Lines

If you receive a cheesy pick-up line that you find harmless, you can respond in a playful and lighthearted way. For example:

  • “Ha! That’s a good one. You almost got me there.”
  • “I’ve heard that one before. Do you have any original pick-up lines?”

Complimentary Pick-Up Lines

If you receive a complimentary pick-up line that you find genuine, you can respond in a gracious and respectful way. For example:

  • “Thank you for the compliment. I appreciate it.”
  • “That’s very sweet of you to say. How long have you been using this app?”

Inappropriate Pick-Up Lines

If you receive an inappropriate pick-up line that makes you uncomfortable, it is important to set your boundaries and respond assertively. You can say:

  • “That’s not okay. I don’t appreciate being objectified like that.”
  • “I’m not interested in that kind of conversation. Please respect my boundaries.”

Using Humor

Sometimes, responding with humor can be an effective way to diffuse a situation and steer the conversation in a different direction. For example:

  • “Sorry, I’m allergic to pick-up lines. Do you have any other conversation starters?”
  • “You’re going to have to try harder than that if you want to impress me.”

Being Honest and Direct

If you’re not interested in someone who uses a pick-up line on you, it is important to be honest and direct with them. You can say:

  • “I’m flattered, but I’m not interested in pursuing anything with you.”
  • “Thanks for reaching out, but I don’t think we’re a good match.”

Setting Boundaries

If a pick-up line makes you feel uncomfortable or objectified, it’s important to set your boundaries. Here are a few ways you can do that:

  • “I’m not comfortable with that kind of language. Can we talk about something else?”
  • “I don’t appreciate being talked to like that. Let’s keep the conversation respectful.”

Asking a Question

Another way to respond to a pick-up line is to ask a question that helps move the conversation forward. Here are a few examples:

  • “Are you a magician? Because every time I look at you, everyone else disappears.” Response: “Haha, I’m flattered. So, what do you like to do for fun?”
  • “Do you have a Band-Aid? Because I just scraped my knee falling for you.” Response: “Thanks for the concern. So, what brought you to this app?”

Asking a question not only shows that you’re interested in getting to know the other person, but it also helps shift the conversation away from the pick-up line and towards more meaningful topics.


Responding to pick-up lines on dating apps can be a fun and playful way to start a conversation, but it’s important to be aware of the different types of pick-up lines and how to respond to them in a way that is respectful and effective. Whether you choose to respond with humor, ask a question, set your boundaries, or be honest and direct, it’s important to prioritize your own comfort and safety in all of your interactions on dating apps.

That concludes our guide on how to respond to pick up lines on dating apps. If you’re interested in discovering helpful dating tips and in-depth reviews of apps, head over to BingWiki.

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