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п»їIAP* Globe History Study Guide and Graphic Planners - Product 1: Foundations, ~8000 BCE - six hundred CE 1 ) Themes in AP* Globe History


Why you ought to know this kind of: Knowledge of these themes assists you particularly when developing a thesis for a great essay. In addition, because these types of themes are overarching, they will most likely always be the basis with the essay queries. You should always continue to keep these topics in mind when ever analyzing cultures and societies, both when you are comparing two different communities and when you are tracing change as time passes within a contemporary society or place. Note the interaction/relationship among many designs.

Example: Analyze the impact of the Enlightenment

The Enlightenment is among the a mental development that contributed to connections

among societies (as philosophes called each other around countries and continents) and had a serious impact

on male or female and interpersonal structures along with political firm.

2 . Regions of the World

To generate comparisons and analysis of world events easier, the world is broken into geographical regions. Region

Modern day countries in the area

Historical instances of countries in the region

East Asia

China, Asia, North Korea, South Korea

Chinese lignage, Japanese shogunates

Southeast Asia

Vietnam, Asia, Laos, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Myanmar, Brunei French Indochina, English colonies, Siam, Angkor Kingdom, Dutch East Indies Southern region Asia

India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka

English India

Freebie southwest Asia and North Africa

Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Israel, Turkey, Usa, Iraq, Afghnstan, Syria, Lebanon, Lybia, Tunisia, Algeria, Jordan, Kuwait, Qatar, UAE, Yemen, Cyprus Muslim caliphates, Old civilizations (Nile Valley, Mesopotamia, Sumer, Kush, etc . ), Hebrew Kingdoms, Ottoman Empire, Persia Central Asia

The ussr, Mongolia, the " -stans", Georgia

Nomad territories, Duchies of Kiev, Moscovy, Mongol Khanates Sub-Saharan Africa

Countries below the Sahara: Nigeria, Somalia, Congo, Kenya, South Africa, Zimbabwe, etc . Swahili city-states, Euro colonies, Axum, Transvaal

Eastern Europe

Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Romania, Bulgaria, Portugal, Serbia, Croatia, Kosovo, Hungary, Latvia, Estonia, etc . Partitioning of Poland, Austria-Hungary, Soviet satellite countires (Eastern Bloc), Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, Ottman Disposition, Greek city-states Western European countries

United Kingdom, Ireland in europe, France, The country of spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium Both roman Empire, O Roman Empire, Gaul, Aragon, Castile, Pontifical States, Prussia, Anschluss, Eu North America

Canada, United States, Mexico

European groupe

Latin America

Mexico, Compared with, Cuba, Brazil, Argentina, Republic of chile, Peru, Republic of colombia, Guatemala, Panama and nicaragua ,, Paraguay, Venezuela Olmec, Internet, Aztec, Inca, Native tribal lands, Euro colonies OceanГ­a

Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea

European groupe

Why you should know this: Often , essay and multiple choice questions consider regions of the world in the quick. It is important to know where these kinds of regions are situated, examples of countries located in areas (modern along with historically), and have knowledge of ethnical, geographical (physical features), and political qualities of these areas.

Example: Assess external migrations in A pair of the following world regions (North America, South west Asia, Traditional western Europe) coming from 1914 to the current.

To answer this questions, you would probably need doing work knowledge not merely of migration

patterns in the 20th/21st hundreds of years, but as well of the world areas addressed inside the question.

Once you have recognized what countries exist in this region in the time period expected by

the question, you could start to identify types of migration patterns to use in this kind of

relative essay.


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