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 Lou Gehrig Essay

Lou Gehrig

Michelle Groen


January 31, 2011

Wendy Schmidt

Lou Gehrig

The sport of baseball features produced several legendary, well-known players since its inception in the late 1800s. However , there is the legend that stands out from the rest: Lou Gehrig. Lou Gehrig was certainly one of baseball's greats, had a record setting job and a life believed by a disease bearing his name. When Lou benched himself in 1939, nobody, including himself, imagined he would always be dead in just two brief years.

Lou Gehrig was born 06 19, 1903 to Heinrich and Christina Gehrig, German immigrants. They made their home in Yorkville, in the Top East Aspect of New York City and eventually moved to higher Manhattan once Lou was four. Right after settling inside their new house, Lou received his initially baseball glove, a catcher's mitt, for Christmas at the age of five. At the area across the street through the Gehrig residence, Lou would play baseball with the older kids in the neighborhood. Even though Lou was simply six, he was comparable in proportions to the various other children when he was big and good; a very husky fellow yet very timid. Like the older children, Lou will arise for five every morning and enjoy baseball in the park until it finally was the perfect time to go to institution. In this park is exactly where it began for Lou Gehrig (Hubler, 1941).

By the time Lou entered Business High School having been a big, burly young man analyzing nearly 100 pounds with extremely wide shoulders. In the park, he could struck a hockey further than any individual around. Yet , Lou would not participate in football as a college sport; he considered him self an ordinary community sandlot gamer. At some point during Lou's senior high school career, classmates told his teacher about how exactly far he could strike a snowboarding. After ability to hear this information, the teacher demanded Lou show up at one of the scheduled secondary school baseball game titles. Lou did show up, noticed all of the cheering, turned around, and went immediately home. Lou was so terrified that he actually ran away from his 1st high school hockey game. In the morning his instructor demanded that Lou be present for the next video game and intimidating a declining grade in the event he did not show up. Lou Gehrig was forever happy for the teacher's danger that time (Macht, 1993).

Lou's parents needed him to go to college though he wanted to work and earn money intended for the family members. Fortunately, Christina worked for the fraternity home at Columbia University maintained by the university's athletic movie director. Because of this doing work relationship and a tremendous amount of studying, Columbia offered Lou an athletic scholarship and he accepted. Before the football season began, someone acquired advised Lou to go to Connecticut to play for Eastern League, a professional crew, to gain even more experience and he would become paid to play. While playing for the Eastern Little league, the Columbia University baseball coach found that Lou was playing professionally and therefore breaking his contract with Columbia. Lou was not allowed to enjoy his complete freshman year as a consequence of breaking his agreement (Macht, 1993).

By simply Lou's sophomore year in Columbia, his fielding was erratic but his hitting improved with much practice. He was risky and extremely crazy as a glass pitcher and bad in the outfield. Finally the manager placed Lou at first base in which he needed just to catch direct throws or scoop up ground balls. His hitting continued to evolve and he was striking the ball much more than 420 ft. During this time in Columbia, professional league groups were acquiring notice of Lou and making offers. It was not really until his mother fell ill that he recognized a $1500 bonus to participate the New You are able to Yankees and dropped out of Columbia University following two years (Hubler, 1941).

The new Yankee immediately started to be frustrated along with his newfound task. He practiced with the staff, watched the other players, worked out in the bullpen and everything between. However , this individual...

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