Militarization with the Arctic

Militarization in the Arctic

The fight for the Arctic location among a lot of countries has become more and more

serious, but this place is not any country's own property. And the anti-militarization of

Arctic has something to do with the interest of each and every country on the globe. On one

hand, the Arctic plays an indispensable role in regulating global climate. On the other

hand, the anti-militarization has an important effect on the tranquility and balance of the


The arctic, like the Antarctic, was protected with thick ice throughout the year. In

modern times, along with the global climate warming, polar glacier gradually began to

melt, and this trend developed more and more quickly. A lot of fresh water pores into

the ocean, which not only causes the ocean levels to rise, but also affects the latest flow.

And several extreme weather phenomena will be related, like the " un nino” phenomenon

and the " la nina” phenomenon. Several tropical storm, hurricanes attacked a lot of

countries more frequently, which triggered a large number of casualties and home

losses. And my country, the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, can be one of these

countries. Therefore , if perhaps all the counties don't stop fighting to get the arctic, it absolutely

will speed up the melting of the glaciers. That's why we ought to be against virtually any

military actions and other activities except medical research within this area. We must

maintain the present situation of the Arctic, normally, once the region's natural

environmental environment is definitely destroyed, the damage caused by the global climate alter

can't be assessed, especially for countries like us.

The anti-militarization of the Arctic also takes on an important function in the peacefulness and

balance of the world. On the other hand, once the Anti-Militarization fails in the Arctic,

the location will sink into worried situation additional, and the military confrontation is going to

turn even worse. Casualties will be unavoidable. Which...

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