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Delaney, Robert. " MLA Citation Design. ” Long Island University, 2010. Web. thirty-one March 2010.

FYI-- ********************************************************************************** Image or article by Website

(With an author or perhaps creator)

Smith, Fred. " Spock on the Ship, Photo. ” Celebrity Trekkies Rule the World, 2009. Web. doze Feb. 2010.

(without an author or creator)

" Spock on the Deliver, Image. ” Star Trekkies Rule the World, 2009. Web. 12 February. 2010.

Tune from a great album

Kilcher, Jewel. " Amen. ” Pieces of You. By Jewel Kilcher. A& R, year 1994. CD.

Painting from Web page

(with an author or creator)

Nerdboy, Festus. Spock Lying on Couch, 2008. Superstar Trekkies Regulation the World, 2009. Web. 31 Mar. 2010. Spock Lying on Couch, 2008. Superstar Trekkies Regulation the World, 2009. Web. 23 Mar. 2010.

Journal Article


Devine, Patricia G., and Steven J. Sherman. " Intuitive Versus Realistic Judgment as well as the Role of Stereotyping in the Human State:  Kirk or perhaps Spock? " Psychological Query 3. 2 (1992): 153-59. Print. [From a Website]

Hodges, F. M. " The Promised Planet: Forces and Challenges of the Gerontocracy in American Television Research Fiction with the 1960s. " Aging Man 6. three or more (2003): 175-82. Web. 18 Feb. 2010. [From a Database]

Roberts, Robin. " Performing Technology Fiction: Television, Theater, and Gender in StarTrek: The knowledge. " Attention 42. 4 (2001):  340-56. Literature Resource Center. Internet. 25 Feb. 2010.

Paper Article

[See illustrations under " Journal Article" to add the data for the web site and databases versions of a printed article]

Pada Rado, Alicia. " Walking through College: Classes Explore Modern Society Using the World of Superstar Trek. " Los Angeles Instances 15 Scar. 1995: A3+. Print.

[Specialized content: Movie review - the review details can be replaced with Editorial, Notification, etc . ] Dargis, Manohla. " Kids in Space. " Rev. of Star Journey, dir. M. J. Abrams.  New York Times almost eight May 2009, sec. C: 1+. Printing.

[Material available simply on the website but not in the produce version]

Lyall, Debbie. " To Boldly Move Where Shakespeare Calls. " New York Times. New York Moments, 27 Jan. 2008. Net. 25 Feb. 2010.

Publication Article

[See good examples under " Journal Article" to add the data for the web site and databases versions of any printed article] [See cases under " Newspaper Article" for particular articles and web-only material]

Mershon, Donald They would. " Superstar Trek around the Brain: Peculiar Minds, HumanMinds. " American Scientist Nov. -Dec. 1998: 585. Produce.

Book (you actually know, these heavy things in the collection! )


Okuda, Jordan, and Denise Okuda. Legend Trek Chronology: The History for the future. New York: Bank, 1993. Produce.

[No author or perhaps editor]

Vulcan Reflections: Essays on Spock great World. Baltimore: T-K Images, 1975. Produce.

[From a Databases or Website]

Anijar, Karen. Instructing Toward the 24th Hundred years: Star Journey as Social Curriculum. New York: Falmer-Taylor, 2150. Ebrary. Net. 1 Scar.   2010.

Book Article or Chapter

Wayne, Nancy At the. " Two Sides of Paradise: The Eden Misconception According to  Kirk and Spock. " Spectrum in the Fantastic. Impotence. Donald Palumbo.  Westport: Greenwood, 1988. 219-23. Print.

Encyclopedia Article

[Widely used general reference books -- Hardcopy]

Sturgeon, Theodore. " Research Fiction. " The Encyclopedia Americana.  International ed. 95. Print.

[Specialized reference point books - from a Database]

Barr, Marleen S. " Science Fiction. " New Dictionary with the History of  Ideas. Ed. Maryanne Cline Horowitz. Vol. a few. Detroit: Scribner's, 2005. Gale Virtual Guide Library. Web. 1 Scar. 2010.

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