What is Muck in Poker? – 3 Types of Mucking in Poker You Should know


Mucking in poker is folding or throwing away a hand by placing it face-down in the center of the table. Learn how to muck your cards correctly. The term “mucking” in poker refers to a player quitting a hand by folding or discarding their hand face-down in the center of the table, generally in the direction of the dealer. To have a more specific answer to the question what is muck in poker? – Scroll down and look at several definitions as well as examples of poker mucking.

What is mucking in poker?


When it is a player’s turn to act during a betting round, they may choose to muck their cards at any stage, or they may decide to muck their cards at any point during the showdown if they do not want to reveal their cards. To better understand what mucking is in poker, scroll down to see several examples and a deeper definition of poker muck.

The word “muck,” which refers to the discard pile of cards in a poker hand, is where the poker phrase “mucking” originates. The muck consists of:

  • Any cards during a hand that are inadvertently exposed
  • Burned cards (cards that are removed from the deck before the flop, turn, and river are dealt in an effort to stop players from using marked card backs to get information)
  • Players engaged in the hand’s folds or discard their cards

Consequently, it is called “mucking” a player’s hand when they fold and then add their cards to the muck pile.

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Several types of poker muck – Mucking activities


Each player will develop a unique way of mucking his cards with a hand. But the outcome will remain constant. He will toss his cards face down in the direction of the dealer and the center of the table.

Here are a few typical mucking activities:

The push

This action has the appearance of someone pushing a dish of food they’d prefer not to eat away from them. The player moves his cards from the side nearest to him toward the center of the table, making sure that the card faces stay on the table the entire time and never fly into the air, using either the heel of his hand, his fingertips, or a combination of several fingers.

A player makes the slide when he spreads out his hole cards, which are face-down (often using the same hand’s index and middle finger). He carefully slips his cards towards the middle while keeping his fingers on the center of the backs of the two corresponding cards.

The toss

Using your index and middle fingers to pick up your hole cards from the side furthest from you, you then “toss” them somewhat circularly towards the center of the table.

A player pulls up the short end of his hole cards (stacked one on top of the other) with his fingers and thumbs in a technique known as “The Flick.” He employs a combination of an inverted/inner twist of the wrist and a forward push of his thumb to send his cards forward, slightly swirling through the air until they drop on the table with most of the cards remaining immediately beneath his palm.

The helicopter

The throw or the flick are extreme versions of this mud motion. Players demonstrate their mucking skills by elevating their arms or flicking their wrists in a vertical direction to launch the mucked cards into the air before triumphantly returning to the ground.

The cards spin horizontally in the air while remaining parallel to the tabletop until they touch the table. Players shouldn’t aim to fling their cards as high as possible when completing this maneuver, even though it is the fanciest mucking method. The opponents could see one or both of the mucked cards if they rise above the level of the other players’ eyes while in the air.

This outcome is awful because if any of the remaining players’ hole cards were revealed, it might affect how they play the rest of the hand. These are the five most common techniques to muck cards toward the middle of the table, but there are likely more methods.

Getting started with mucking – Mucked poker


Sometimes, seeing a live poker player muck their cards might reveal how unskilled they are. I’ve witnessed several players sit down at a poker table at a casino, buy-in for a full stack, wear a hoodie and sunglasses, forgo ordering a drink at the bar, and otherwise present themselves as entirely proficient poker players.

Then, based solely on how they for/muck their hand – even before the flop – they present a glaringly apparent tell that they are inexperienced and a giant fish. The “push” mucking motion mentioned in the preceding section is typically used by simple or beginning poker players since they are still getting used to holding their hole cards both and after mucking.

After realizing they are probably a novice player, I make it a point to learn as much as possible about their playing style as soon as possible. So that I can fully take advantage of them and increase my winnings when chips are thrown my way by them!

On the other hand, there is a similar concept: looking for experience cues resulting from clumsy acts. If a person can skillfully muck their cards into the muck, they may be regarded as an expert poker player (or even do intricate moves with their poker chips). He most likely practiced doing those things to become skilled at mucking.

Watch this video for more poker mucking tutorials

Although mucking your cards in poker is a rather simple notion, this succinct, in-depth essay may have helped clarify some points. The most important lesson to learn is to rarely (if ever) fold your cards face-up in poker. To speed up gameplay and increase the number of hands you finally get to play every hour while playing online, ensure the “auto-muck cards” feature is switched ON.

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