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If the biotech sector is so happy with GMOs, why don't they complet GMOs in food presentation labels? Wednesday, March 07, 2012

by Mike Adams, the Ranger

(Natural News) Genetically engineered food will " feed the world, " state Bill Gates and all other GMO pushers. GM vegetation are the result of " great agriculture" and " advanced technology" produced by super-smart agricultural geniuses who only enhance the properties of food vegetation. GMOs are better than God, better than Mother Nature and among the great presents of research to mankind -- kind of like electrical power, only more edible. If this is all authentic, then for what reason doesn't the GMO market want credit rating for all this kind of effort in food brands? Shouldn't the industry jump at the possibility to have foods labelled with things like: • Fortified with extra GMOs!

• Genetically Modified to grow strong bones!

• Now with GMO technology in every delicious nip!

If GMOs are so great, in other words, in that case why more than likely the industry tout almost all its amazing technology on the labels in the foods that contains GMOs? The actual? GMOs happen to be poison

Yet no, rather than the industry begging for regulating permission to put GMO bragging rights in food labeling, the industry has done exactly the opposite: That has demanded that consumers end up being kept at night about GMOs! • That they don't desire consumers to even know they're eating GMOs! • They believe consumer ignorance surpasses consumer decision. • They need consumers held in the dark, unaware and unable to avoid GMOs. The GMO industry, actually is already viciously fighting a proposed GMO labeling requirement in California -- a law that would merely require foods being truthfully branded when they contain genetically customized ingredients. Might be wrong with this? But in an age the moment consumers need to know more information about what they're buying, not less, the GMO industry somehow believes customer ignorance can be victory! So when GMO pushers just like Bill Entrance say they need to " supply the world, " what they seriously mean is definitely they want to secretly force-feed the world mystery what are not on the labels so that consumers refuses to even be mindful of what they're eating. (Such as the deadly insecticide found in just about every kernel of GM hammer toe... )

Commonsense food secret: Beware of nearly anything the food companies don't desire to put on the packaging If the aktiengesellschaft giants and food companies don't desire to put something on a meals label, what a pretty good sign that you probably ought not to eat it.

If it was good for you, they can obviously want to brag about it on the label. Organic and natural! Fortified with minerals! Reduced sodium! Just how come the industry won't want to say, " Substantial in GMOs! " on every meals box?

Wish some flaked corn breakfast time cereal? It's on sale to get $1. 99 a container, and it's high in GMOs!

How about some corn tortillas for your Mexican fiesta dinner? Those corn tortillas are fortified with extra GMOs, also!

Thirsty? Get yourself a 12-pack of that renowned brand sports drink -- it's sweetened with genetically modified corn syrup! As well as,  it's received electrolytes!

Or perhaps how about a super-sized field of Genetically Altered Corn Flakes for breakfast? You can eat that with a plate of pasteurized, homogenized, Bovine Development Hormone-contaminated, pus-filled factory-processed cow's milk! Yummy!

But you no longer see any one of this advertising material in the grocery store, do you really? GMOs remain the dirty tiny secret of the food industry -- also at places like Whole Foods, which will sort of try to imply they're against GMOs, but then they turn around promote all sorts of GMC foods anyhow.

GMOs will be worse than skeletons in the closet

GMOs are to the foodstuff industry what gay public toilet love-making is to a pro-family Conservative candidate. Or perhaps hidden camera photos in the naked negliger boys and the Catholic clergyman. GMOs are definitely the bones smothered under the downstairs room slab of your mass killer who's also running for Governor. They're the prostitution ring data that expose one extremely...

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