Organic Substances Lab Statement

Identifying Organic Compounds

Joe Harris 11/12/07 1 . Qualifications

Organic chemical substances are, by definition, any chemical compound containing co2. These ingredients include carbohydrates, polysaccharides, fats, proteins, and nucleic stomach acids. Each one of these ingredients has a distinct purpose. Carbohydrates give energy to cells when used. Lipids happen to be basically the body fat of a cell. Proteins are definitely the building blocks of muscle in a cell. Nucleic acids are more comfortable with transfer innate information from cell for the other.

The purpose of this laboratory is to simply determine the absence or perhaps presence from the main substance content of the given element. In earlier labs, there was tests with three chemical compounds, Lugol's solution, Benedict's solution, and Biuret solution. The tests were qualitative and tested intended for the presence of all kinds of sugar, starches, or proteins in a given element. The chemicals were currently known, therefore the tests had been used to find out what every single solution confirmed presence of. After dealing with all of the tests, Lugol's option showed the existence of starch, Benedict's solution demonstrated presence of sugar, and Biuret remedy showed existence of protein. In this lab, these alternatives will be put to the test.

2 . Materials and Methods

A. Components

The following materials are required to complete this kind of lab:

Benedict's solution

Lugol's solution

Biuret Solution

unknown substance A

unknown material B

a couple of pipettes (one for each substance to avoid contamination)

sizzling plate


2 test pontoons

product labels



test conduit tray/holder

blow drying rack

N. Procedure

1 . Take one particular label per test conduit and labeled one test tube " A" and one " B". 2 . Fill test out tube A with several pipettes full of substance A.

3. Fill up test conduit B with 3 pipettes full of compound B.

four. Take the Benedict's solution and apply 15 drops of it into each test...

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