Percent Composition Of Magnesium (mg) Oxide

Percentage Composition of Magnesium Oxide

Aleshia Otieno

Mr. Taylor swift


Laboratory #4

Wednesday, November seventeen, 2014


Percentage structure is the percentage of a method mass showed by every single element. Percentage composition examines the mass of one component to a compound to the mass of the complete. The law of definite proportions states a specific compound always provides the same amount of components in fixed proportions simply by mass. By simply finding the percent composition of magnesium oxide one will essentially become proving this law being true.


The purpose of this kind of lab is to determine the percent formula of magnesium (mg) oxide and determine if the percentage is consistent.


Based on the law of definite amounts it is hypothesized that the percentage composition of magnesium o2 will be 62. 3% magnesium (mg), and 39. 7% air.

Speculation Calculations

Supplies and Device

eight cm strip of magnesium (mg), Mg(s), ribbon

Small rectangular of sandpaper or steel wool

Daily news towel

Electronic digital Balance

Clean, dry crucible with cover

Bunsen burner

Retort stand

Ring clamp

Clay triangular

Welder's eye protection

Flint brighter

Crucible tongs

Hard pad


1 ) Observation desks were to be duplicated into lab books in order to record info. 2 . Equipment was put together as shown in diagram. (See figure 1 . you on page 2) 3. Welder's goggles had been used to safeguard the sight when the magnesium was burning. 4. An 8cm very long strip of magnesium was stripped of possible oxidation process with a part of sandpaper or perhaps steel made of woll. A piece of dry paper bath towel was used to get rid of any likely residue. five. Based on the observation stand the mass of the crucible with cover was recorded. Some magnesium was placed into the crucible using a lid and this mass was written as well. 6th. With the top off the crucible and the item of magnesium remove inside, the crucible was placed upon the clay triangle. A Bunsen burner was lighted to a warm (blue flame) with a flint lighter and placed immediately under the crucible. Crucible tongs were in that case used to equilibrium the sport bike helmet on an perspective allowing the crucible to mainly end up being closed whilst allowing bit of oxygen in the crucible. After the magnesium ignited the cover was placed on the crucible for a small. 7. Crucible tongs were use to lift up the side from the crucible cover in order to let in more fresh air. 8. Once the magnesium ended igniting the moment exposed to oxygen Bunsen burner was deterred and crucible was left to awesome. 9. A glass-stirring rod was used to be sure all magnesium reacted, and after that the cup rod was cleaned using water. twelve. The crucible was the located back over fire until the drinking water boiled away and magnesium (mg) oxide continued to be.

11. Crucible was taken from flame and allowed to cool for approximately a quarter-hour. Mass of magnesium oxide was recorded.

doze. Magnesium o2 was discarded in a chemical waste bin.

Figure 1 . 1


Mass Observation Table (Table 1)

Mass of empty crucible and cover (g)

33. 192g

Mass of crucible, lid and magnesium (g)

33. 257g

Mass of crucible, lid and magnesium (mg) oxide (g)

33. 304g

Mass of Magnesium O2 produced (g)

0. 112g

Mass of oxygen that must have reacted (g)

zero. 047g

Percent mass of magnesium in magnesium o2

57. 9%

Calculations/ Analysis/Discussion

Mass of magnesium (mg) used?

thirty-three. 257g-33. 192g= 0. 065

Mass of magnesium o2 produced?

thirty-three. 304g-33. 192g= 0. 112g

Calculate the mass of oxygen that reacted while using magnesium? 0. 112g-0. 065= 0. 047

Calculate the percentage composition of magnesium o2 based on info above. Mass of Mg= 0. 065g

Mass of MgO= 0. 112g

Percentage composition of Mg:

For the reason that percentage composition of magnesium is 57. 9% we can take totally and take away 57. 9% in order to get the proportion composition of oxygen, which can be 41. 2%. Therefore the percentage composition of magnesium oxide based...

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