Pom dating app review – the best choice for music lovers


You are a music lover and have heard of Pom – the famous online dating app for music fans? If you want to learn more about this app, you’ve come to the right place. This Pom dating app review will provide you with an overview of Pom.

Online dating is popular nowadays, especially among unmarried young people. For people who are gamers or music lovers, there will be a dating app designed just for their community. In this post, we will provide you with general information about the Pom dating app, which is the best app for music fans and is also known as the UK’s most eagerly awaited new dating app. Let’s get started.

General information about Pom dating app


POM is a brand-new, cutting-edge dating app that aims to pair users according to their musical preferences. The app focuses on the Power of Music and how music and deep romantic connections are related. POM has come to light at the ideal time as the UK gradually comes out of lockdown and summer music festivals have sparked the passion for music in many young people.

The dating app is a great tool to use while looking for musically appropriate mates at festivals, pubs, and nightclubs since you could finally get to hear live music again. Suppose you find a match with someone who likes your favorite band; this offers a wonderful setting for people to connect and discover their ideal match. They aim to support you in finding love regardless of your gender identification or sexual preference. On POM, music lovers are always welcome. One thing that we want to emphasize is that the application is completely free!

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How does Pom work?

Users of POM join up and link their profile to their music streaming service (the initial launch is compatible with Spotify and Apple Music), allowing POM’s algorithms to analyze their musical preferences. It’s not as straightforward as “you like this, I like this, we’re a match” because POM digs deeper and is wiser. Based on the music a user listens to, POM employs a groundbreaking algorithm to identify their emotional profile.

In addition to inclusivity being crucial to POM, they also make sure that safety comes first in all situations. It is very important to the designers of POM that they go above and beyond to safeguard its users, both on the app and in real life. POM has been created to be a safe place. They have put in place a number of features, such as the ability for users to submit anonymous reviews of their real-life dates, numerous reporting tools, and additional verification techniques.

How to find love?


Create profile

  1. You can connect your Spotify or Apple Music account to the app to create your profile.
  2. From there, it makes recommendations for your favorites based on your favorite musicians, records, and songs.
  3. Your profile doesn’t show these choices. Instead, they’re utilized to ’emotionally profile’ you with possible partners based on a combination of music preferences and general feelings.
  4. Selecting among options like “happy,” “sad,” “dreamy,” and “rebellious” was rather simple because the list of emotions was about as long as a toddler’s.

Thankfully, the entire procedure took no more than 20 seconds. The creation of profiles followed.

Building profile


Even the most seasoned Tinder user is intimidated by the process of building a dating profile.

  • The first step was choosing a carefully curated collection of images that struck a balance between charming and catfish. The bio came next, where you could select between being “funny and personable” or “sexy and mysterious.”
  • The remainder of the setup process placed a significant emphasis on musical preferences. You may share as much with potential mates as you were comfortable with in categories like “Guilty Pleasure,” “Breakup Song,” and “Changed My Life.”

And now you have a complete profile. You can already use it to find the right people for you.


Pros and Cons – Pom dating app review


  • POM has introduced a queue application that lets prospective members safeguard their profiles beforehand.
  • POM will also offer personalized events and face-to-face dates.


  • There are now only 25,000 permitted users.

Pom dating app Reddit


Pom currently does not have any discussion groups on Reddit. Instead, you can join other online dating groups to get the most honest reviews from users. Here are some of the most vibrant groups:

Pom dating app show

Is watching dating-related reality TV your favorite guilty pleasure? Now is your chance to earn money doing what you enjoy. A “Dating Show Dissector” is needed by the dating app POM, also known as “Power of Music,” which matches singles based on their musical preferences. This individual will watch shows like “The Bachelor” and “Too Hot to Handle” and offer their opinions.

The ideal applicant, according to POM, “isn’t someone who loves reality TV solely for the gossip and drama, but someone who actually enjoys these kinds of shows for the insight it brings into human nature,” In light of the fact that you currently spend your evenings watching reality dating shows, does this sound like the appropriate side job for you? The Dissector for Dating Shows will:

  • Watch the dating shows and identify the mistakes that the contestants make when looking for love.
  • Send these words of wisdom to POM so they can share them on their app and social media channels to prevent similar blunders from being made by other singles.
  • Although the dating app emphasizes that having “talent and enthusiasm” is more significant than being a professional writer, it is still necessary to have a solid command of English.
  • POM will pay $135 per hour, and it is predicted that the chosen applicant will watch seven hours of TV every week, or $945 per week and nearly $45 thousand per year.

Watch this video to know more about Pom dating app show – APPLY FAST! Make $4000/Month Watching TV Shows on Netflix


Below is our Pom dating app review. With its cutting-edge design and dedication to helping people connect via the power of music, POM can indeed take over the dating scene. We hope the app can reach its full potential. For more reviews of online dating apps, please visit our website which provides the best mobile app reviews.

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