Prison Overcrowding

 Essay regarding Prison Overcrowding

" Overcrowding in Unites states Prison System”


Initially of this nation flogging, exile, branding, plus the " stocks” were a number of the ways accustomed to punish a guilty culprit. Today, although, these types of punishments would quickly be labeled as cruel and unusual forms of retribution. Seeing that we can will no longer utilize this sort of forms of abuse, the criminal justice program has looked to; imprisonment, copie, fines, and in many cases the fatality penalty to assist and prevent offenders via a life of crime. As the prison human population continues to within this country into the safety questions rise as well. Not only to get the captive but for likewise for the guards which might be there to observe over and guard the inmates. It is time to ask some very significant questions with regards to sentencing alternatives including; " Do we rely too much within the prison system”, " Is there better ways to punish some crimes? ” and likely most importantly, " Does jail truly behave as a prevention to crime? ”

The Bureau of Justice's figures in the the past few years have shown a dramatic increase in the penitentiary population which includes led to a great deal of United States prisons being overcrowded. State prisons, on the average, are 18 percent more than their capacity with Government prisons having an average of 37 percent even more inmates than their first construction capacity. (Bureau of Justice) Overcrowding, though, is just part of the issue. Many of the prisons in America today are rundown and low quality. Inadequate protection is also an issue, often times missing the staff to keep the inmates safe from assaults and also other violations.

For years, it has been the belief of the American public, political figures, and lawbreaker justice government bodies that criminal offenses in this country were simply too large. It has also been the overall consensus that in order to quit the increasing crime rates, there had to be a fantastic push in the severity of sentencing in the courtroom. Mostly this was done by way of utilizing the maximum...

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