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п»їA Procedure Paragraph

A procedure is a series, a chapter, an organized progression. One step or perhaps event follows another: initially this, after that that, then simply something else. You generally set a process passage to accomplish 1 of 2 tasks: 1 ) To describe steps to make or take action (directional reaction) 2 . To describe how anything works (informational process)

The Structure of a Process Passage

1 . The topic sentence names the process and indicates the reason someone ought to be interested in understanding about this method 2 . The supporting paragraphs present the steps of the process in a obvious manner and in sequential purchase. They include transitional expression to demonstrate the sequence and to add interest, in order that the paragraph will not sound like only laundry list. 3. The concluding sentence may compliment the reader on now having the capacity to do something fresh, reaffirm the importance of learning the process, or summarize the results with the process.

Tips in Writing a procedure Paragraph

1 . Choose a point of view and be regular.

2 . Stick to strict chronological (time) purchase, but make an effort to make it as interesting as possible a few. If you are conveying how to make a move, indicate any special requires before you describe the first step 4. Make sure you complete the method (don't leave out any steps) 5. Try to anticipate any difficulties and tell the reader what could possibly be done to associated with job easier 6. Tell the reader what direction to go if some thing goes wrong

7. Determine any new terms

Ideas for a procedure Paragraph

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