How to become a professional poker player?


For someone who enjoys poker, at least, earning a salary at the game looks like the ideal profession. But the situation is more difficult than you may think. Quitting your job and making poker your only source of income would be one simple way to become a professional online poker player. While doing so quickly turns you into a poker pro, it is not recommended—not even a little bit—for reasons we’ll discuss in a moment. To answer the question of how to become a poker player, there are several aspects needed to become a professional poker player.

4 things to notice about becoming the best poker player ever

Research the entire game


If you want to excel as a successful online poker player, you must master the game of poker. When you believe you have learned everything there is to know about poker, you need to continue learning and doing research. Actually, you should never stop studying, since failing to move forward in this game means falling behind. Check out the 10 best poker strategy books ever published, read articles from PokerNews, join a poker instruction site, or hire a coach. Any advantage you may establish for yourself will eventually result in income.

The WSOP Poker app also offers free practice cash games and tournaments for Texas hold ’em and pot-limit Omaha. Because the games are entirely free-to-play, you can play online poker with friends, test out new strategies, and never risk any of your cash.

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Demonstrate your skill as a player


Many players assume that poker is a simple way to make a living when they win a large sum in a tournament or the equivalent of two months’ wages at the cash tables.

Wrong! To demonstrate that you are a successful player, you need at least tens of thousands of cash game and tournament hands. If you don’t consistently play winning poker, you’ll soon be returning to your previous employer with a request to be hired again.

Be truthful


It’s time to start attempting to calculate how many poker hands or tournaments you’ll need to play in order to at least match your prior salary once you’ve established that you’re a winning poker player. Many people fall short in this area. No matter how busy your week or month is, you are often paid on the same day each month when you have a salaried job (within reason). If you’re ill or on vacation, you’re almost probably still compensated. Do you intend to work for 60 hours a week at a desk?

Probably the only thing that motivates you to get out of bed and commute to work five days a week is the fact that you have to. What if none of that were true, though? If you want to make $150,000 a year, it could be easy to do so. However, be careful to account for at least three whole weeks of “vacation.” Additionally, you should prepare for missing a few weeks of play each year due to illness. You should also question yourself if you actually intend to work for 60 hours a week.

Do you believe that your earnings at $0.25/$0.50 will be sufficient to enable you to quit your job? Do you have any idea how many online poker superstars get up at noon, play for two hours, and then swan off to live life to the fullest? The response is not a lot. And those who do typically don’t have sustained success as professional online poker players.

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Play Responsibly


Learning math and picking the appropriate game are only two aspects of being a poker pro. Additionally, you need to know when to quit and maintain a positive attitude toward your bankroll. Although poker is a game of skill, there is a lot of gambling involved. It may be quite addictive for certain players, especially while pursuing losses. In addition to playing Poker Professionally, some people also partake in casino games and betting on poker. In this situation, it’s crucial to keep a poker bankroll distinct from any other outgoings.


Create a separate checking account just for your poker bankroll. If you win a large pot, keep track of everything that comes in and goes out of the account and withdraw money often. Using a financial adviser’s services might be beneficial as well. They can offer advice on budgeting and investing your money. Don’t be shy about asking other players for a stake either. Regarding exchange for a share of the prize money, you may offer to buy a tournament entry in most poker communities’ staking posts. You won’t face any financial danger, and you’ll get to keep some of the reward money.

To learn more, you can watch this video guide to becoming a real professional poker player.

You now understand how to make money playing poker. But rather than picking a hold ’em table and hoping for the best, the road ahead will be more difficult. Recreational athletes who want to play professionally must possess a tough mental attitude and be lifelong learners. Join social media groups, enroll in a coaching program, and use low-stakes cash games and tournaments to increase your bankroll. Starting your trip at the top online poker rooms in your state is simpler than ever. You may get free money before you even start if you sign up and deposit.

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