Project Administration and Routine Performance Index

Section Concepts

Chapter 7, Physical exercise #1

1 . Given this information for the one-year task (see l. 285 to get complete textual content of this exercise): PV= $23, 000 EV=$20, 000 AC= $25, 500 BAC=$120, 500

* Precisely what is the cost variance, schedule difference, cost performance index (CPI), and routine performance index (SPI) for the task? Cost Variance: Earned Worth (EV) – Actual Price (AC)

20 dollars, 000 -- $25, 500 = ($5, 000)

Timetable Variance: ELECTRONIC VEHICLES – Organized Value (PV)

$20, 000 - $23, 000 – ($3000)

Cost Performance Index: EV as well as AC

$20, 000 as well as $25, 500 = zero. 8

Schedule Performance Index: EV as well as PV

$20, 000 / $23, 000 = 0. 869

* Just how is the task doing? Can it be ahead of routine or lurking behind schedule? Can it be under spending budget or over price range? The task is not going to associated with due date slated and will require a little longer making the assignments budget increase. So they may be behind plan and over budget. * Make use of the CPI to calculate the estimate at completion (EAC) for this project. Is the project performing better or even worse than prepared? BAC as well as CPI

$120, 000 / 0. almost eight = $150, 000 The project is usually performing worse than organized. * Utilize the schedule overall performance index (SPI) to calculate how long it should take to finish this kind of project. The project is usually presently 13% overdue. SPI=100%– 87%. It is going to take 13% longer to complete the project.

* Sketch the earned worth chart centered for this task, using Figure 7-5 as being a guide.

Part 8, Exercise #1 (p. 330)

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