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 Essay regarding Project Subject: Commercialised Internet: How Does It Influence the web Marketing Activities in Business?

Job Title: Commercialised Internet: How exactly does it Impact the Internet Advertising Activities running a business?


5. 2 . Project research—primary research12

5. 2 . Mobile phone—a new channel to advance Internet marketing21

5. 4 Conclusion26

1 . Summary

With the emergence of network technology and the increasing market transmission of commercialised Internet, there is also a rising volume of using this method as a way of promoting the business interest. Irrespective of abundant businesses are investing in Internet marketing activities, the type and associated with commercialised Net on Internet marketing have not recently been fully comprehended. The research endeavors to help in bridging this gap. It can investigate the degree of the commercialised Internet alterations existing Internet marketing, analyse cellular phone, which is a new medium, may improve the Website marketing, and advise efficient strategies for better Website marketing. Basing within the literature assessment and extra research, it can be found that abundant businesses are transforming from traditional promoting towards Internet marketing. The causes intended for Internet marketing are gradually advanced by commercialised Internet might include accessibility, continues source and accountability. Furthermore, the results identify information value while the good drivers in the acceptance from the mobile phone as an innovative funnel for Website marketing. In the major research, the consumer satisfaction set of questions on Ebay and amazon which are the useful strategies designers, it is recommended internet marketers should pay more attention for the consumer benefit relationship of quality, service, cost and time, and marketing communication ensures that the item or solutions and the marketplace or prospective customers have the opportunity to add up.

Keywords: commercialised Internet; Internet marketing; cellular marketing; Net commerce.

2 . Introduction

With all the popularisation and development of network technology, Net has been an indispensable medium of electronic business activities. Industrial interest in the world wide web promotes the innovation from the networks technology (Greenstein, 1998). The amount of digital business has climbed up dramatically with all the widespread of websites in their particular. The Internet can be an efficient route for the interaction among business and consumers (Gay et al., 2007). Net commerce allows businesses to offer products or services to many of these and other businesses. Consequently, " Internet commercialisation”, which is called the more productive and competitive economy, has been created. Whether commercialised Internet is helpful or damaging to the Internet promoting remains a controversial theme as well as the right way to connect very well between commercialised Internet and Internet marketing.

This analysis will argue that commercialised Net has properly driven the development of Internet marketing. On such basis as this, the project aims to analyse the partnership between commercialised Internet and Internet marketing activities in business to be able to integrate the main element points of the future Internet marketing strategies. In addition , it will aim at building the existing standard of the Internet vente, and analysing the current situation of Internet advertising. The scope of this job is to give overview of the recent analysts that relevant to marketing.

Through this project, there are two things need to be described. " Net commerce” could be defined simply by adopting any of abundant sites that make up the web for buying and selling data, products and services through computer sites (Kalakota & Whinston, 1996), and it is playing an effective position in the business, especially the marketing actions. " Internet marketing” means in order to help the exchange of concepts, products and services and achieve the objective of both sellers and customers, the progress of building and...

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