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The new BSP logo is a perfect round form in blue that features three gold actors and a stylized Philippine eagle rendered in white-colored strokes. These kinds of main factors are framed on the left side while using text exergue " Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas” underscored by a rare metal line used half circle. The right area remains wide open, signifying liberty, openness, and readiness with the BSP, since represented by the Philippine eagle, to explode and soar toward it is goal. Placing all these components together is a solid green background to signify balance. Principal Elements:

1 . The Philippine Bald eagle, our nationwide bird, may be the world's most significant eagle and it is a symbol of power, clear eye-sight and independence, the attributes we desire for as being a central traditional bank. 2 . The three stars stand for the three support beams of central banking: selling price stability, steady banking system, and a safe and reliable payments system. It may also be interpreted like a geographical representation of BSP's equal concern for the effect of the policies and programs upon all Filipinos, whether they will be in Luzon, Visayas or perhaps Mindanao. Hues

1 . The blue qualifications signifies balance. �

2 . The stars are rendered in gold to symbolize wisdom, riches, idealism, and high quality. � 3. The white color of the novelty helmet and the text for BSP represents purity, neutrality, and mental clearness. Font or Type Face�

Non-serif, bold for " BANGKO SENTRAL NG PILIPINAS” to suggest solidity, power, and steadiness. The use of non-serif fonts seen as a clean lines portrays the no-nonsense specialist manner of doing business at the BSP. � Shape�

Round shape to symbolize the continuing and unending quest to become an outstanding monetary specialist committed to improve the quality of life of Filipinos. This round shape is also evocative of our gold coins, the basic units of our money.