Representation of Women in Press

Rendering of women in media


There are many levels of effect in our culture and multimedia plays a major role in dispensing influential images to us. The media is available in many forms, television, radio, newspapers, videos, and advertisements. The press is so connected in our lives that we usually do not truly comprehend on a mindful level how much influence it really has more than us. Some of the images and messages we come across and listen to can be equally positive and negative.

Historically, women have been even more susceptible to stereotyping and marginalization than men. The history of the woman's 'usefulness' basically started with like a sexual plaything, a mother, and a caretaker. In the history, men saw women as people without a voice, caretakers from the family, or perhaps objects of sexual desire. Although doing my research intended for the task I seen that women are represented in the following manner- * Girls are objectified in the multimedia, importance is given to how a women appears and what she truly does. Example- a news reporter, more importance is given on how she looks onscreen rather than the content material she is speaking.

* Ladies and girls happen to be missing, they can be not as numerously or asВ diverselyВ represented as males. В Example- in 90% of the Advertisements of vehicles, men are noticed driving that and not girls.

5. Women are represented incredibly narrowly, as wives, female friends, mums, preoccupied with going on a and buying.  Example- in the movie " English Vinglish” Sridevi was represented as a traditional housewife, whose life was limited to her kids, along with cooking.

5. Women's systems and female sexuality are used to promote products. Example- Skore condom ADs have a tag line expressing " at this point SHE will remember you from your color”.

Now I shall go over in detail how women are represented inside the following areas-

* Advertising and marketing

* Films

* Music videos

5. Television


Advertisements possess women providing everything from foodstuff to cars. We still see that women are the concentrate of the most advertisements and the biggest selling point for the product for sale. At the same time, guys continue to be the strong, good looking leader in both our families and our contemporary society as pictured in the press images. Although there have been a large number of strides, the stereotypes include remained regular, women continue to be represented while sexual items and the men are the decision makers inside our society. The photographs portrayed within the previous couple of years especially have already been promoting the utilization of diets, exercise, and cosmetics for women to look and feel small. For example we come across many actresses promoting " Olay crème”, and sharing with girls that they have to feel young always and this product may protect them by all the indications of aging. Ageing, especially for girls, has become a negative factor in each of our society. The media provides perpetuated a society of unattainable desired goals for most ladies. The media industry overall is a multi-billion dollar market, and the reality women are constantly being taught that they need to look better, feeds in the bottom line of these industries providing the perfect graphic. Analysis

(concept of denotation and connotation)

I came across a great AD of any clothing company BIBA, that has been a full page AD stating that a lady can sizzle and cool, be a great angel and a satan, be nice naughty, certainly be a lady and a tomboy and be hot and great at the same time. Although she may play the two of these completely opposite tasks only when she's wearing BIBA clothing. Denotation- a women can play two completely opposite roles at the same time. Connotation- she may play such a role only when she is wearing BIBA apparel. (Concept of hegemony)

I came across a FIAT commercial with their new car 500 ABARTH on WWW. youtube. com where in there was a man not much handsome whose readers while walking on the street ceases on a extremely young, gorgeous, a perfect discovered girl. And once the girl attracts him looking at her, she " emphasizes her femininity” simply by catering for the male's sexual desires....

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