Robert Browning, My personal Last Duchess

English 2323 - Research Questions

" My Last Duchess” – Robert Lightly browning

1 . Precisely what is the placing for this poem?

This composition takes place in the palace of Alfonso II who is the Duke of Ferrara in Italy.

installment payments on your Who is the Duke speaking to?

The Fight it out is interesting an ambassador type individual that has come to set up the marriage from the duke and a little girl of a extremely wealthy and powerful friends and family.

What are that they both taking a look at?

They are looking at a portrait of the Duke's last " duchess” or wife that is certainly hanging through to the wall membrane in the building.

three or more. How does the duke characterize the duchess?

He characterizes the duchess as very young and wonderful but also, she was very much a flirt and never very loyal to the Fight it out, and even ungrateful of the Duke's name that she was handed.

4. Precisely what are three character traits of the duke?

The duke is incredibly arrogant. This individual repeats the famous artists brand twice virtually show off to the visitor about how precisely much prosperity he has to be able to find the money for this designer. He is really authorative. His duchess has become dead even so he feels that he is still in complete control of her. The duke is extremely mysterious. He doesn't appear and say to the visitor that he had his wife murdered, but hints at it, and makes you wonder if he genuinely did or perhaps not.

5. Interpret: " The Count the master's known munificence as well as Is ample warrant that no just pretense / Of acquire for dowry will be disallowed”

The fight it out is conversing with a servant of the Count, whose daughter he is marrying. The fight it out says the fact that Count is incredibly generous and wealthy and that the he should receive any goods, wealth, or perhaps estates that he asks for at the marriage of the Count's daughter.

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