San Bernardino the Ghetto

San Bernardino,

Denise Morales


Oct 25, 2012

The video was shot in San Bernardino, Ca off Waterman and Baseline. I heard of this area through Facebook, when I placed a status of my job and the type of area I had been looking for, a number of my friends mentioned and decided that what I'm looking for can be found in San Bernardino. Therefore i got a concept of wherever in SB they were discussing, and the next day my sis and I got a drive out there. When I got generally there, right away I discovered both theory's I was looking for. I noticed the broken windows theory and defensible space theory. The broken window theory was noticeable when I noticed how the homes were deteriorating, trash everywhere we look, in bare lots, upon curbs, gutters, sidewalks. A great deal of abandoned homes all boarded up. Many liquor retail outlet establishments with gatherings of men and women all over the pavements. Graffiti through the whole community on properties, stores, trash cans, curbs and surfaces. Defensible space theory was recognizable once we seen homes, stores, and other businesses with bars issues windows and doors. A number of homes experienced both bars and entrance.

Seeing the physical environment along with the type of people in the area running around around, That i knew of the crime rates were will be high. I found that in 2010 alone their particular was twelve, 987 total crime situations in San Bernardino. 8, 967 of those were house crimes.

If this were approximately me to further improve this area, I would instill streets barriers on some through streets, to produce smaller residential areas and make it harder for would be offenders to get in and away. I would combine more road lighting and lighted pathways. I would eliminate a few of the liquor stores, having that many is such a close proximity to each other is merely influencing more bad patterns. Reinforce building codes, integrate community policing, and have a neighborhood graffiti and streets trash cleanup program along with neighborhood watch.

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