A Girl Teases You? 11 Signs A Girl Likes You Over Text But Is Hiding It


Have you ever been so taken with a girl that you keep reading every text she sends you, expecting to see cryptic hints about how she feels about you? You’re not alone, after all. People frequently express their emotions when speaking on the phone because text messaging is the preferred method of communication.

The good news is that it will become very obvious when you understand how to interpret what she is attempting to convey to you by reading between the lines. You are, sometimes, just meh at reading signals. Thus, this article will give you all the signs a girl likes you over text.

11 signs that a girl likes you over text


While some women may engage in games and act emotionally immaturely, the majority of us are fairly honest about our emotions. If you pay attention, even when we don’t explicitly state “I like you,” we are still saying it. Here are a few indications that she prefers you to text.

She responses fast


She doesn’t leave a message unanswered all day, which is one of the key indicators that a female likes you over text. She’s more inclined to prioritize that message and reply right away. She’s eager to hear from you and doesn’t want you to think she’s uninterested. 

Perhaps she has a hectic schedule and will text you as soon as she has time to pay attention to you. However, if she’s into you, she’s probably responding to your texts right away. To make sure you understand it’s because of her busy schedule and not a lack of interest, she’ll probably even let you know when she won’t be accessible.

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She flirts back

A lady that is interested would typically flirt back and let you know that she is also into you. It doesn’t sound like awww or that’s so sweet to flirt back. That is a deflection.

You when she sends flirty texts

In fact, she will probably return the favor if you compliment her. She enters right away thanks to your flirtatious behavior. She doesn’t veer off-topic or disregard what you just stated.

She’s probably not interested if you constantly compliment her and she doesn’t reciprocate.

She sends you memes lots of time

Do you receive memes from her that are tailored to your interests or a recent chat you had? This gives her favor, which is a strong hint.

She probably had to go get that specific meme to send you unless she has a vast collection of memes on hand – and some of us do – or she spotted that meme online and immediately thought of you. A meme can be a means to express your admiration for someone in any case.

When your crush sends you tons of memes be like

She uploads a lot of stories hinting at you

All the things a girl does are intentional. If your crush is referring you in her story frequently, you are doing excellent work.

When a girl mentions memories of occasions that both of you are familiar with in her stories or makes hints about some of your peculiarities or memorable times you’ve shared, she wants you to notice her.

She likes or replies to your stories


You posted your Sunday breakfast last week and she replied to it? And she also left a message when you shared your preferred attire? Then, after you unintentionally posted a picture of the sky that was fuzzy, she responded to your story once more?

Boy, she’s attempting to engage you in the conversation! No matter how little it is, she will take it. Yes, she really is that into you.

She carries on the chat even though it’s late at night


After a long day, we all want to talk to your favorite person, right? So, what does it mean if she texts you past midnight? Chances are, she thinks about you, dude.

People sometimes get lonely at night. But in case a girl texts you almost every night, it’s very likely that she likes you and wants to spend her precious time talking to you.

She teases you


Many women will make fun of their partners. If she has a sharp sense of humor, she might tease you throughout chats. She is never cruel. She’s merely using humor to flirt with you.

Here’s what you need to know if you’re having trouble understanding this one. If she makes cruel jokes, she may not be interested in you or maybe too emotionally immature for a committed relationship. She likes you instead if her humor is playful but compassionate.

She initiates chats


A female like you through text will start chats, which is one of the most obvious signals. She simply won’t hang around in hopes that you’ll get in touch.

If you get a good morning, good night, or even a message checking in on you during the day, don’t be startled. It’s one indication that a female likes you.

You may tell she’s been considering you when she starts up talks. It displays an effort and a desire for a relationship. Even if you may be confident in her level of interest, her continued contact with you is a sign that she likes you.

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She laughs at everything you say

It’s a warning when she laughs at your texts. And how much she laughs as well.

Haha levels in text messages

Her chuckle was best the longer it lasted. If she gives you a: hahahahahahahaha, that indicates she thinks you are hilarious and she loves it. If she replies with a dry haha, you know what she means.

She sends you photos and selfies

When she sends you cute pics

Sending photographs is one of the most obvious indicators a girl likes you over text, and she does it frequently.

You never know who might like you if they start sending you images. Of course, it’s possible that she only likes you as a friend and that this is the way she interacts with her friends.

She might be letting you know that she likes you if she sends you adorable selfies or flirtatious photos. Your messages might contain images of her kitten, the cool sunset she just caught, or simply something that reminded her of you. It’s a hint.

She opens up and touches on deep topics

A woman who likes you will keep talking to you. She may inquire about you, bring up fresh topics, or simply check in with you later. Instead of finding a courteous way to stop the discussion, she just keeps talking. Be mindful. Does she ever question you, or does she only respond to your inquiries? If they like you, they’ll want to keep in touch.

I see the signs, now what?


After you notice that she has the above signs, chances are you are confused and don’t know what to do next. Should you be pushier, send bolder text and ask her out or keep it on the low? Whatever you want to do, before making any move, here are something you should definitely keep in mind:

Not all girls are the same

Don’t presume to know the woman’s thoughts or emotions. She might be a little more reserved or bashful than other people. If you’re unsure, ask her.

Make sure you are not paranoid

You need to distinguish between friendliness and flirting. Maybe she texts you because she’s friendly, not because she likes you. You shouldn’t exaggerate her kindnesses and get the illusion that it’s love. Be wise when observing her behavior!

Ask for advice from a trusted friend

As we previously discussed, one of the best things you can do if you truly want to attract the woman of your dreams is to follow the advice of a seasoned relationship counselor. You could now be thinking: Why should I do that?

This is an easy solution. There are many friends out there with years of expertise who have benefited others in similar circumstances.

Sometimes it do be like this

What do you want out of this relationship?

The phrase “I want a long-term relationship” or “I just want something casual” is a common way to end this conversation. Sometimes we don’t go the extra mile to clearly define expectations. Being clear about the kind of connection we want to have is a good idea.

We should probably start defining that if we are busy and want a committed partnership with a reasonable degree of trust and space. We should probably discuss how dating and communication will work for a possible spouse if we work long hours or have limited childcare.

Above are some signs a girl likes you over text. Although you have no control over whether she likes you or not if you treat her the way you want to be treated, even if it turns out that she doesn’t share your feelings for you, at least you will know that you did the right thing. There isn’t a hidden code. Her behavior suggests that she either likes you or doesn’t. Simply ensure that you’re paying attention.

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