Small Business in Bangladesh

The Concept of Business

General Classification:

Small business means the size of that is not big- the size again depends upon what yardstick a single uses to measure. Precisely what is small to one could be moderate or even big to some other folks. Small business is usually an integral part of the whole business field in any nation. What characterizes small business? * According to Small Business take action 1934- A small business which is individually owned and operated and never dominant in its field” is a Small Business.

* The little Business Action of 1953 defines small company as " one which can be independently owned and controlled and not major in its discipline of procedure. ” Although small in proportions such organization activities cover almost any part of business viz. manufacturing, exploration, wholesaling, retailing, service and so on. * In accordance to exec committee intended for national economic development-A Small enterprise one of which will process by least a pair of the following attributes: * -Managers are the owners,

* -Capital provider and the owner is individual or a small group, * -Worker and the owners are community, market is probably not so. * -Relatively more compact compared with the biggest unit with the industry [Sales, workers etc . ] By all of the previously mentioned definitions we could make an over-all definition of Little Business- " A business not really dominating in the field, will not engage in any kind of new marketing, workers happen to be local, working at an individual location, created units are relatively small in size, and sometimes all organized by the owner or his family members. ” Definitions in the Context of Bangladesh:

" Small market means a great industrial establishment or device which is rum mainly by hired labor and not employing mechanical motive power nevertheless does not normally employ more than 50 job and whose land, building and equipment does not go beyond Tk. one hundred and fifty, 00, 1000 in benefit in either case. ” – E. Pakistan Small Industries Firm Act of 1957.

Definition Stated By The Bangladesh Bank

The central financial institution of Bangladseh has come plan a new classification for small , and medium businesses in line with the government's commercial policy of 2010. The new definition replaced the previous ones formulated in-may 2008, combining microenterprise and cottage industrial sectors. Under the new definition of Bangladesh Bank, the Bangladesh Traditional bank will regard an individual because an entrepreneur or possibly a small business owner in the event the person can be an owner or manager of a privately-run organization, or owns in least 51 percent of reveal in case of a joint venture or company outlined with the Business office of the Suceder of Joint Stock Businesses and Companies. The central bank as well included- microenterprise and bungalow industries in all of their SME loan policies and programmes. In line with the new description,

That manufactures,

Medium-size industry/enterprise

Assets: Worth Tk twelve crore to Tk 30 crore (excluding land and factory building, but including replacement value) Employee Number: 100 to 250 workers.

Small-size industries/enterprises

Resources: Worth Tk 50 lakh to Tk 10 crore (excluding property and stock building, but including substitute value) Employee No .: 25 to 99 workers.

Micro industry/enterprise

Assets: Worth Tk 5 lakh to Tk 50 lakh (excluding land and stock building, nevertheless including alternative value Worker No .: 12 to twenty-four or much less

In both equally services Market and Businesses,

The medium-size corporations

Resources: Worth Tk 1 crore to Tk 15 crore (excluding area and manufacturer building) Staff No .: 40 to 90 workers

The small-size companies

Property: Worth Tk 5 lakh to Tk 1 crore.

Employee No .: 10 to 25 personnel


Possessions: worth Tk 5 lakh or less(excluding land and factory building, but which include replacement value) Employee Number: 10 or less.

Bungalow industries/enterprises

Resources: Worth Tk 5 lakh to Tk 50 lakh (excluding property and stock building, but including substitute value) Worker No .: 15 to 24 workers or perhaps less

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