Sociological Perspectives


This paper discusses three methods that can be taken when studying Sociology. There are plenty of subjects being studied and discussed in the field of Sociology, as well as the approach chosen to study a particular subject is named a point of view. There are 3 different viewpoints, and they are functionalist, conflict, and interactionist perspectives. This newspaper compares and contrasts these types of different viewpoints with one another.

Through Examination, A Compare Of the Three Sociological Points of views:

Functionalist, Turmoil, and Interactionist

When learning in the field of Sociology everyone is going to approach matters in a diverse manner. Not any two people will have the exact same approach to a particular subject matter. There are however, 3 major types in which persons might choose to approach subject areas. The approaches are find out as sociological perspectives and are also the functionalist, conflict, and interactionist points of views. These viewpoints name different methods in which different people choose to assess a subject, and how they look by a society as a whole. The subsequent paragraphs compare and contrast the three, and identify main characteristics of each.

" The functionalist perspective is actually a sociological procedure which focuses on the way that parts of a society will be structure to take care of its stability, " (Schaefer & Junges schaf, 1998). This perspective looks at a contemporary society in a great manner and sees this as stable, with all the parts working together. Underneath the functionalist view every social aspect of a society contributes to the society's survival, and if not, the aspect is usually not passed to the next technology.

There are two people who where mainly mixed up in development of the functionalist point of view, they are Emile Durkheim, Talcott Parsons. Durkheim contributed to the functionalist point of view when the lady was studying religion, and exactly how it was responsible for people...

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