Strategic Audit of Vodafone


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This job is based on " Strategic Audit” as the telecom sector is growing by a very good rate. The telecommunications company which I have chosen for my project is definitely VODAFONE. The real reason for selecting Vodafone is its various techniques in item & services category & also future strategic the place that the company is definitely coming out with plenty of new & affordable schemes for its buyers. Vodafone is known as a UK structured company & has several branches all over the world. The company was started in the mid 70's & since then it has never looked back. They have various tactical for numerous countries customers depending on the position of the customers. Vodafone provides various merchandise categories starting from chargers, internet, mobile phones, headsets & headphones & a lot more. In the support category it has internet services which include broadband internet & COMPUTER internet services. Apart from the goods & services normally provided they also announced some interesting & exceptional product just like the i telephone. This was one of the primary events inside the history of Indian telecom market. The telephones were available at around Rs. 32000-36000 that has a unique feature called because 3G system. Vodafone as well came out with cellular phones for the indegent which were an integral part of their sociable responsibility toward the poor course people of the contemporary society. The mobile phones were available in the range of 1000 Rs -1500 Rs which was one of many successful tricks of Vodafone. In line with the 2002-2008 info VODAFONE reflects the market with 17. 56 % & is at the 3rd position just after Bharti with 24. 69% & Dependence with 17. 68%. Vodafone also announced one of best& most attractive advertising campaign which no one has ever seen just before called while " VODAFONE ZOO-ZOO'S”. This kind of advertisement was obviously a part of VODAFONE'S marketing strategy to boost its revenue during the IPL 2 season. This was one of the master techniques by VODAFONE to introduce ZOO-ZOO through the IPL two season which has been a...

Bibliography: Vodafone's initial logo applied until the advantages of the speech mark company logo in 1998. 12 В© ARUN GULERIA | [email protected] com

Growth of Hutchison Essar (1992-2005)

2010: Vodafone emerged as the most admired marketer in India. 2010: Vodafone crossed 100 million readers in India.

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