Approach Harley Davidson






1) Industry Analysis a. Meaning of the industry b. Industry trends in the last three years c. Economic composition d. Fundamental business model

2) Description from the company a. Main product b. Main geographical industry

3) Advertising Mix a. Main rivals b. Research of the marketing strategy c. Research of the advertising mix g. Main environmental and marketplace reasons behind the strategy electronic. Propositions

4) Methodology a. Main resources





I decided to choose the case of Harley-Davidson mainly because I'm keen on sport vehicle, I'm preliminary of karting (Go-kart) and I share this kind of passion i loved nice mechanics. Furthermore, I have my personal motorbike permit and I tried out for the first time a Harley-Davidson there exists few days and i also was astonished by the sensations that I got because I thank it turned out a motorbike for seniors. So I think Harley-Davidson is a great case to study mainly because they have a strong brand photo after all of years, and represent the " American-Dream". So we will research how Harley-Davidson, the only American manufacturer of motorbikes, continue to be sell many and continually make people wish through the world.

1) Market analysis (1000-1200 words) a. Definition of the industry

First, Harley-Davidson, created in 1981, operates in two segments: the Motorcycles & Related Items (Motorcycles) part and the Financial Services segment. In fact , the primary business of the firm is the Motorbikes segment styles, manufacturing and selling premium motorcycles for the top quality (with a power more than 651cc). Harley-Davidson has made 76%, 76% and 73% of the total net earnings during 2011, 2010, and 2009. Furthermore, Harley-Davidson motorbikes own a line of motorcycle parts, accessories, basic merchandise and related providers. Today, products of Harley-Davidson are sold to retail buyers through an intercontinental network of independent retailers, with product sales in more than 67 countries that include The united states, Europe, Midsection East, The african continent (EMEA), Asia-Pacific and Latina America. Last season, the Company decided to sell the Buell products and its creation and in 2010 was the time for MV Agusta who has been sold because of principally to the prolonged economic depression.


Yet , we is going to analyze the past annual report from Harley-Davidson from 2011 (2012 can be not all set yet), therefore if we appear the tabs we can see that Harley-Davidson still increase their profits with 55, seven percent in 2011 that was 53, 2% last year on the U. S Heavyweight Motorcycle industry.


harley-davidson. com, Total annual Reports 2011

But likewise on the Western Heavyweight Motorbike market, with 12% last season, who get hold of today 13, 7% from the market.


harley-davidson. com, Annual Studies 2011

The annual statement of Harley-Davidson stated that " American et Western market accounted 83% of total total annual independent seller retail revenue of new Harley-Davidson motorcycles in 2011". However the company is definitely active on other markets wherever they are important like Canada, Japan, Australia and Brazil.

Furthermore, another point where Harley-Davidson is present will be parts and accessories. In fact , this sector contain the replacement parts and mechanical and cosmetic accessories that comprised " a net revenue of 17, 5%, 17, 9% and 17, 9% in 2011, 2010 and 2009".

1 2


Then, Harley-Davidson has the sector of standard merchandise where the customer can get clothes to be able to identify these people through the manufacturer. Harley-Davidson comes with an important earnings in this portion but has decreased a bit with " 5, 9%, 6, 2% and 6th, 6% this year, 2010 and 2010 correspondingly. "

Having a strong company image, the sector of licensing is very important. That for what reason...

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