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Research Project

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Action Plan


1 . 1Introduction

1 ) 2Rationale of the Study

1 . 3Objectives of the Study


2 . 1 Introduction to the company

installment payments on your 2 Meaning of the matter

2 . three or more Objectives and research from the topic

2 . 4 Various kinds of employee motivation

Chapter three or more METHOD OF EXPLORATION

3. you Design of the research

3. 2 Methods of gathered data

3. 3 Types of exploration

3. 4 Sample size used in interview

3. five Limitation

several. 6 Examining the data


4. 1 Findings

4. 2 Suggestions




At the outset, I would like to thank my own Guide who have explained to me personally about this Study in a very very clear manner and assisted me personally at every step up completing this successfully, and my thanks a lot are especially because of -----------------------------------for all his co-operation, in spite of his heavy schedules of work, and ----------------------- the Trainer who had been very helpful in providing me personally with accurate information to include in this Analysis, and I convey my as a result of all the fellow workers who cooperated with me by simply participating in the research by way of answering my selection interviews and to the questionnaires which will helped to lead me to findings and conclusions. Finally I appreciate all the people whoever allowed me to and stood by me to provide each of the needful assist with my need.


The productivity of the personnel depends upon many factors intended for the bank. Human beings are complex beings which in turn need continuous motivation to work without having to be burdened. Therefore , the Human Resources Department should not only impart motivational activates but should also encourage the many groups of the staff to maintain a normal competition; these kinds of ensure a consistent boosting from the staff's energy level. Dedication and loyalty towards the company can even be cultured by giving staff with encouraging methods to develop themselves as well as the organization. The staff which feels comfortable with the bank is going to unlikely move to additional banks. Devoted employees willingly work for the lender. By evaluating with other financial institutions, the bank should modify it is policy's and plans so as to not only appeal to more clients but likewise attract even more staff in the other banks. Motivation thus plays an essential role as a result in maintaining a productive personnel. A dedicated staff will anticipate not only customers' needs although also try to develop financial institution through innovative ideas. This kind of research is executed to study the motivational facets of Bank Sohar. The findings of the study demonstrate that proper strategies and correct procedures will be followed through this Bank Sohar.



Job Name






•Discussion with the guide about the topic.

•Determine the requirement and objective.

•Prepare questionnaires.

•Planning for interview and producing interview.

•Determine and warrant the research technique.


Literary works Review:

a few

Data collection:

•Determine and justify the investigation methodology.

•Collection of equally primary and secondary schedules by appropriate methods. •Selection and planning detailed and relevant goals.


Evaluation of the research project:

•Analysis and interpretation of information and take the research into specified areas. •Making reviews with the information regarding the task.



•Prepare the total project in a single accept file format.

•Present and evaluate findings and recommendations.



Chapter you:

1 . one particular Introduction

Traditional bank Sohar was established on being unfaithful April 3 years ago. Although it is a very short time because it started it is operations, it is often an extraordinary period as the brand new bank changed the ground rules for banking in Oman.

Dr Mohammed Abdul Aziz Kalmoor, the CEO of the bank declared this year that all their income of operating income...



--Business Today Magazine (April 2011)

--Times of Oman (dated 23 The spring 2011)

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