Stylictic Gadgets

 Stylictic Gadgets Essay

1 . onomatopoeia

What about the joke:

Knock-knock Who's presently there?


Boo who?

No longer cry, I was only fooling

2 . unnecessary repetition

" A moist small moon hung above the misting of a neighboring meadow. " (V. Nabokov, Conclusive Evidence) 3. Assonance

" Dead in the middle of tiny Italy, tiny did we can say that we sprinkled two middle section men who have didn't do diddily. ” 4. Rhyme

" Whats up, why don't I just go consume some hay, make issues out of clay, place by the these types of? I just may! What do ya say? " (Adam Sandler, Happy Gilmore, 1996) 5. Rhythm

By shore of Gitchie Gumee,

By the glowing Big-Sea-Water,

At the doorway of his wigwam,

In the pleasurable Summer early morning,

Hiawatha was and continued to wait.

6. Metaphor

"... his hair was bone white. " (Raymond Chandler, The Long Goodbye) 7. Representation

" The trail isn't created that can help to make it breathe in hard! " (slogan to get Chevrolet automobiles) 8. Rappel

Se appeared as amazing as Cinderella on her way to the ball

9. Type

" You will discover obvious layers of type [in the movie Avatar]. The Pandora woods is like the Amazon online marketplace rainforest (the movie halts in its tracks for a hefty ecological conversation or two), and the make an effort to get the Na'vi to 'cooperate' carries overtones of the U. S. engagement in War and Afghanistan. " (Owen Gleiberman, review of Avatar. Entertainment Weekly, Dec. 30, 2009) 10. Metonymy

" Whitehall prepares to get a hung legislative house. " (The Guardian, January 1, 2009) 11. Synecdoche

white-collar crooks, 9/11, All hands on deck.

12. Irony

" guys, you can't battle in in this article! This is the Battle Room. " (Peter Sellers as Chief executive Merkin Muffley in Dr . Strangelove, 1964) 13. Interjections

" M'm! M'm! Good! " (Campbell's Soup advertising slogan)

18. The epithet

" As a result of the feminist revolution, 'feminine' becomes an abusive device. " (Wyndham Lewis)

15. Oxymoron

" How can you really have a civil conflict? " (George Carlin)

" The best get rid of for sleeping disorders is to get a lot of sleeping. " (W. C. Fields) 16. Zeugma

" Destroy the males and the baggage! " (Fluellen in Bill Shakespeare's Holly V) seventeen. Pun/ paronomasia

" When it rains, that pours. " (advertising motto for Morton Salt) " Look profound into the ryes. " (slogan of Wigler's Bakery)

18. Paradigma

" When I eventually fulfilled Mr. Proper I had no idea that his first term was Constantly. " 19. Simile

Her voice was like fingernails on the chalkboard.

His feet had been as big as a tree.

20. Hyperbole

" My toaster has never when worked effectively in 4 years. I like to use the instructions and drive two pieces of loaf of bread down inside the slots, and seconds later they gun upwards. When they broke the nose of the woman My spouse and i loved dearly. " (Woody Allen, " My Talk to the Graduates. " The New York Instances, Aug. twelve, 1979) 21 years old. Understatement/ Meiosis

" I can have this procedure. It isn't serious. I have this kind of tiny small tumor for the brain. " (Holden Caulfield in The Catcher In The Rye, by J. D. Salinger) 22. Euphemism

Dr . Residence: Who were you going to eliminate in Republic of bolivia? My outdated housekeeper? Dr . Terzi: We all don't eliminate anyone.

Dr . House: I'm sorry--who were you going to marginalize?

(" Whatever It Takes, " House, Meters. D. )

23. A clichГ©

Now i am fit as being a fiddle. Let's do this point! (Fit being a fiddle sama dengan to be prepared and able) Stop talking back! Avoid do ?nternet site do, do as I declare! (Don't carry out as I perform, do as I say. = Used the moment someone points out that you are being hypocritical (doing one thing although insisting that others that thing differently) 24. Proverbs

" Work smart, easy. That's my personal philosophy, employer. " (Dr. Gregory Home, House, M. D. ) 25. Epigram

" We am certainly not young enough to know almost everything. " (Oscar Wilde)

" The more damaged the state, the more numerous the laws. " (Tacitus) dua puluh enam. Quotation

" 'Not to get attribution' and 'on background' are used to imply that a source's comments can be quoted, yet he or she must certainly not be immediately identified. " (" Types of Speech. " Time, Aug. 27, 1984) 27. Cambio

" Around 30 minutes later emerged another inquiry as to tugs....

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