Supper Market

 Supper Industry Essay


Record of Selling and Client Services 13 (2006) 1–13

Building marketing strategies intended for state-owned enterprises against exclusive ones based on the perspectives of client satisfaction and service quality

Lien-Ti BeiÃ, Cian-Fong Shang

Section of Organization Administration, Countrywide Chengchi School, 64, Section 2, Chihnan Road, Taipei, Taiwan


In the process of deregulation and privatization, profit-seeking state-owned and also private companies typically contend directly in the same market. This paper employed two data models, namely these from the bank and gas station sectors in Taiwan, to fulfill two goals. The first is to measure the effectiveness of state-owned companies as tested by support quality and customer satisfaction. The 2nd objective is always to develop the real key marketing strategies for the state-owned companies according to simultaneous importance-performance analysis. The results present that customers' overall pleasure with state-owned enterprises is much lower than that with personal competitors, a fact mainly caused by the formers' poor service quality. Marketing plans for state-owned enterprises should concentrate on employee-related service top quality attributes. Inside the short-run, ability-related attributes could be improved through effective standardised operating types of procedures, employee teaching and sufficient manpower. In the long term, attitude-related qualities can be converted through a customer-oriented culture. ur 2004 Elsevier Ltd. All rights set aside.

Keywords: State-owned enterprises; Simultaneous importance-performance analysis; Perceived service quality; Perceived product quality; Perceived price fairness; Customer satisfaction

1 . Launch

Service advertising its succeeding theoretical

groundwork have, into a large extent, recently been developed with

private profit-seeking organizations since the unit of

analysis, which has typically led to the neglect of public

companies (Andreassen, 1995). However , various countries

with mixed economies, like those of the Organization to get

Economic Cooperation and Creation (OECD),

possess a combination of both private and public

sectors, which illustrates the importance from the role of

public support organizations. Besides this, while using

processes of privatization and/or deregulation, it is about

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0969-6989/$ -- see the front matter 3rd there�s r 2004 Elsevier Ltd. Most rights reserved. doi: 10. 1016/j. jretconser. 2004. 07. 002

your competition between both the private- and stateowned enterprises (SOEs) inside the same industries. The financial, gas stop, electricity, telecommunication

and transportation industries in Taiwan are such

good examples that have occured since all their deregulation and


In 1990, the Taiwan federal government liberalized the

banking industry, which got previously been dominated

by public banking institutions. Sixteen new private banking institutions began

functions in 1992; thus, greatly intensifying competition in the financial industry. The petroleum marketplace, on the other hand, had been monopolized by only one

SOE—the Chinese Petroleum Corporation (CPC),

which was accountable for both the creation of and

the retailers for fuel. In 1987, the gas station market

was liberalized, and the range of private gas stations

has been growing rapidly ever since. By the end of June

97, there were 588 CPC-owned and 853 private-owned



L. -T. Bei, C. -F. Shang / Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services 13 (2006) 1–13

gas stations. In that the number of non-public gas stations

was larger than those of the COST-PER-CLICK, competition was

considerably magnified. Normally, it may follow that

competition greatly ameliorates the effectiveness and

efficiency of an overall industry. However , facing...

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