It Doesn't Matter

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IT Doesn't Matter


by Nicholas G. Carr With Words to the Editor



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Idalene F Kesner.

May possibly 2003

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Doesn't Matter

by Nicholas G. Carr




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As details technology's electric power and ubiquity have grown, their strategic importance has diminished. The way you approach IT expense and management will need to modify dramatically.

in 1968, a Intel engineer named Allen Hoff discovered a way to position the circuits essential for computer digesting onto a tiny piece of si. His technology of the processor spurred a number of technological breakthroughs – computer's desktop computers, regional and large area networks, enterprise application, and the Net – which may have transformed the business world. Today, no-one would argument that information technology has become the central source of business. It underpins the functions of person companies, jewelry together far-flung supply restaurants, and, significantly, links businesses to the consumers they provide. Hardly a dollar or a euro adjustments hands anymore without the aid of personal computers. As IT's power and presence have expanded, businesses have come to view it as a resource ever more crucial to their

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success, an undeniable fact clearly reflected in their spending habits. In 1965, according into a study by the U. S. Department of Commerce's Bureau of Economical Analysis, below 5% in the capital bills of American businesses went to i . t. After the introduction of the personal computer in the early 1980s, that percentage flower to 15%. By the early on 1990s, it had reached much more than 30%, and by the end from the decade completely hit nearly 50%. Even with the recent sluggishness in technology spending, businesses all over the world continue to use well over $2 trillion 12 months on IT. However the veneration than it goes much deeper than dollars. It is apparent as well in the shifting thinking of leading managers. Twenty years ago, the majority of executives looked down on computer systems as proletarian tools – glorified typewriters and your five



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calculators – best relegated to low-level employees like secretaries, analysts, and experts. It was the rare business who would allow his fingers touch a keyboard, much less incorporate i . t into his strategic thinking. Today, that has changed completely. Chief management now consistently talk about the strategic benefit of information technology, about how they can use IT to gain a competitive edge, regarding the " digitization” of their business versions. Most include appointed primary information officers to their older management clubs, and many include hired strategy consulting firms to provide clean ideas approach leverage their very own IT purchases for difference and edge. Behind the change in thinking lies a simple assumption: that as It can potency and ubiquity have increased, so too has its strategic worth. It's a reasonable assumption, also an intuitive one. But it's incorrect. What makes one truly tactical – what gives it the capacity to be the basis for a sustained competitive benefits – can be not pervasiveness but shortage. You only gain...

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