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The future of the lodge industry

Next month, next year, subsequent decade - a formula for the future of the hotel market Closing the gap among dreams and reality

next month, next year, subsequent decade...


Next month, the coming year, " Keep in mind that do as much as we can desire. next decade… ever solve that one... ” I don't know if we'll This is what one particular hotel mature executive lately told all of us when we asked how technology was constraining his organization today. We might love to speak to that professional a few years by now and hear that his technology platform will everything he could dream of. That's our aim which report can be described as step towards closing the gap between dreams and reality. Within our recurring quest to assure we deliver future-proof technology, we commissioned research with Inspire Assets in the second half of 2007 to find out precisely what the market was after. They scoured the globe and asked a selection of the resort industry's leading executives, consultants and scholars what they think is generating the lodge industry in the short, method and long term. By understanding these drivers we aim to deliver technology that will permit our clients to achieve their particular objectives. And to shape the ongoing future of hotel technology. Partnership is usually fundamental to the way Amadeus does organization so we all also want to discuss this exploration. We hope you can find in this some interesting, surprising, and perhaps reassuring insights into the future of your industry. It will give us gigantic satisfaction to find that these information had played out an active part in helping one to create the future of our market. Happy reading,

Antoine Medawar, Managing Director, Hospitality Business Group, Amadeus IT Group

Section A

The short, method and long term drivers

Since times modify, so too will the terrain on which our businesses are built. Just what top priority today may not continue to be so tomorrow. In 1987, respondents to a similar review would not possess predicted the birth of the net. Twenty years in, and it might be that there is something equally revolutionary just around the corner. At the moment, all we are able to do is definitely predict the near future as best we are able to while trying to prepare for the unexpected. The tables disclose what the panel of thought-leaders say the key organization drivers are likely to be over 3 timeframes -- the short term (i. elizabeth. the next yr or so), the medium term (three to five years) and the long term (from 2012 onwards). They are rated in the purchase of importance attributed to them by survey test.

Short-term individuals

1 . Globalisation 2 . Web 2 . 0. 0/new systems 3. Demanding/educated customers 4. Price visibility


Medium-term drivers

1 ) Globalisation/emerging geographic markets installment payments on your New technology 3. Channel shift some. Demanding/educated clients

2 three or more


Long term drivers

1 ) Demanding/educated consumers 2 . New technologies three or more. Hotel title

It is significant that the order in the priorities improvements, and how a number of the priorities fade away altogether as the timeframe stretches. For example , web 2. 0 is high up the agenda today but in the medium- to long-term are not an issue. This is certainly presumably mainly because businesses think they will be able to adapt to their demands inside the not also distant long term.

But it is equally significant how often the same themes come out. We shall take a look at three of these – the new breed of customer, new technology and globalisation – in depth in section B from the report. Section C can briefly seem even further ahead6171, and will summarise what the respondents believe the industry will look like news and over and above.

Section B

The three crucial drivers of change

1 . Demanding/educated customers

Two words and phrases cropped up time and again when each of our panel was asked to spell out the nature of the present day traveller -- ‘demanding' and ‘educated'. If business or leisure, budget or luxurious, he or she expects to feel very special, to have their particular expectations achieved, to have all their...

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