The Secret Of The Eight Deaths Cell


The Mystery from the

Seven Fatalities:

A Case Study in

Cell Respiration

simply by

Michaela A. Gazdik

Biology Department

Ferrum College, Ferrum VA

Portion I – The Symptoms

Imagine that you work at the medical examiner's office for a major metropolis. As Main Medical Expert, you check out suspicious deaths and provide toxicology services pertaining to the region. Unfortunately, it's been a busy week. In the past days, seven people have died, all with similar symptoms. It truly is your job to measure the data and determine the main cause of death for the victims.

The first was obviously a 12-year-old woman. Her parents said that she was awake in the middle of the night complaining of a rigid nose and sore throat. They gave her an extra strength Tylenol and sent her back to bed. At 7am the next morning, the parents discovered that the girl acquired collapsed within the bathroom floors. An secours rushed the lady to a close by hospital, wherever she was pronounced dead.

That same day, paramedics found the second victim subconscious on his home floor after what they thought was a great apparent myocardial infarction. Sadly, the victim's buddy and fiancГ©e also collapsed later that night while the family members gathered to mourn his passing. Both equally had taken Tylenol to help them cope with all their loss soon enough before collapsing; neither made it through.

In the next 4 days, several other related deaths had been reported, all in the same neighborhood and all with similar symptoms.

Are these kinds of seven fatalities related? What is causing these folks to expire? It is your work to answer these kinds of questions prior to more deaths are reported.

Symptoms exhibited by many patients:

• Dizziness

• Confusion

• Headache

• Shortness of breath/rapid inhaling and exhaling

• Vomiting

Most deaths were very rapid, happening within a that same day of symptoms.


1 ) Are there any commonalities or contacts between these types of seven persons? What questions would you desire to ask the families to reply to these...

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