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Marketing Task TIC Thakur InterContinental

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Where can be TIC?

* TIC which started out as a simply as a Side of the road tea store has now advanced into a well known Food Joint ‘Thakur Intercontinental' * Thakur is a great opportunist who knows what to add to his business then when to add it. * He has a very friendly character which allows him to be friends with all students. Students who are abroad feel very comfortable in this environment. * He acts such as a family member and a friend which is always present in time of need. * His knowledge upon various aspects of the contemporary society was good often stepping into healthy quarrels with the students. * He has been capable of run his business with stability and has constantly tried fresh ideas to maintain his organization growing. * It is now the proper time that Thakur usually takes his organization to a up coming level with innovative concepts and organization management techniques.

SWOT Evaluation.

Durability: -

2. No Competition in the vicinity

* No compromise on the quality from the foods.

5. A very good consumer oriented approach.

* Interact with the Customer.

* Multiple Value added companies for e. g.: -- Home delivery and Late Night Food services. * Multiple Faceted personality. E. g. Good PUBLIC RELATIONS skills, persons friendly. 2. An Opportunist. Tapped just about every Business opportunity.

2. Master every art.

* Monopoly of his business.

Some weakness: -

* Credit Facility: - Unlimited credit rating facility could possibly be harmful to his business which may turn out to be a bad debt. * Limited emphasis: - which in turn resulting in to limited consumer based.. * Lack of funding

* Very limited Management Expertise.

* Tiny Place

2. Vacation Preparing: - He need to develop backup decide to earn money through the vacation period.

Opportunity: -

2. Tiffin services

* Syndication of food product in the badi market.

* Restaurant

* Providing services.

2. General stores/Xerox & letter head.

* Enlargement of the Business/ Creating Brand TIC.

Hazards: -

2. Confiscation of land.

5. One set of concentrate on group.

* Dependency on the University.

5. If the meals services because the clutter is improved all of them it would influence the business of TIC.

5. Changes in Government rules and regulations.

2. Competition inside the vicinity.

Where you want them to take ESPASMO?

Where you want for taking it?

We are looking at very realistic targets which would include the under: * Short-run Goals

* This includes mostly sticking with basics and being practical. Tiffin Companies, Distribution Services is to be able to survive, boost customer base, making him a known name and boost his contacts. * Middle Term Goals:

* Beginning Catering services will allow Thakur to have an increased transmission in the market and make him a house carry name. As well the profit margins in this business is very substantial * Permanent Goals

This is to create a company TIC in the market. This will end up being similar to Haldiram's with products being sold across India in a variety of Outlets. * To survive inside the changing market environment also to consistently run the business in profit. * To combat any competition at hand.

2. To have the maximum market share.

5. To be the desired place to go out in.

2. To convert his tea stall in Tiffin solutions, Food syndication and an over-all store with all college stationary.

How could you take this?

2. He ought to play on his strengths i actually. e -В the dedication factor, great quality. 2. TIC can be his safe place and he needs to head out of his comfort zone to obtain greater success. We can focus on new businesses which would inexpensive and larger profit margins. Tiffin Services:

* Food has long been one the USP's of TIC.

* His food can be home made and supplies good range at reasonable prices. * They can start rendering Tiffin providers...

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