Top 10 Best Note-taking Apps in 2023 for Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android


Among the countless note-taking apps in the current market, these 10 best note-taking apps 2023 stand out with their intelligent design, quick interactivity, cross-platform synchronization capability, and user-friendliness in the working environment.

Top 10 Most Powerful and Popular Note-taking Apps Today

The explosion in smart device development has led to significant upgrades and improvements in note-taking apps, making them more convenient, flexible, and effective on both smartphones and computers. By choosing the right note-taking app that suits your preferences, you can bid farewell to traditional “physical” notebooks and switch to a tidy, multi-platform digital solution.

1. Notion


In 2022, Notion emerged as the hottest task note-taking app and was consistently favored by influencers. Its outstanding strengths include versatility, diverse structure, and in-depth support. Despite its strong promotion, Notion is currently free for individual users and features a beautifully designed interface.

Notion’s structure allows this note-taking app to store information in a cloud-based, multi-platform format. You can organize files into multiple layers, create subfolders within larger ones, and add more folders inside subfolders, making it highly convenient for those with a scientific lifestyle. Notion’s owners can use colors and icons to creatively arrange their data.

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2. Evernote


Regarding reputation, Evernote is the most well-known note-taking app on the list, highly popular on Android and Windows. In addition to its flexible text editing capabilities, Evernote allows users to insert images and audio into notes, organize files scientifically, and support categorization by various types such as receipts, documents, or handwritten notes.

Especially for basic users, Evernote provides excellent support through its free version – an essential factor that has contributed to its enormous downloads across multiple platforms. Premium features, such as offline note-taking and email integration, can be unlocked with the 60,000 VND/month subscription fee.

3. Zoho Notebook


Another option for those seeking a task note-taking app, Zoho Notebook supports users in attaching documents to illustrate or store information effectively. You can easily sync personal information through the cloud-based structure, take notes on meetings, lectures, and conversations in the form of audio cards on Zoho Notebook.

With a lightweight capacity, this note-taking app meets the criteria of versatility, flexibility, and convenience while being completely free. Zoho Notebook’s interface also provides an excellent platform for users to unleash their creativity.

4. Microsoft OneNote


Windows users are likely familiar with the OneNote note-taking app, as it comes integrated on Microsoft platforms. Established for quite some time, OneNote boasts strengths in security, in-depth usage on computer and laptop interfaces, and the ability to create to-do lists.

One of the advantages of OneNote is its ability to save content from Outlook, enabling users to capture websites and save them as note files, supporting audio notes, and protecting document files with passwords.

5. Sticky Notes


Sticky Notes are well-known to office workers and are considered the most famous screen note-taking app on PCs/laptops. Its ability to pin notes to the start screen, sync notes to OneDrive, and schedule events makes Sticky Notes a perfect companion for office workers.

Sticky Notes’ notes are directly pinned to the main screen like colorful paper notes, making them friendly and intuitive. Furthermore, this screen note-taking app is entirely free to use on Windows and supports pen operation for Surface Pro users.

6. Bear


Bear is an ideal note-taking app for iPhone, iPad, and Mac users. Bear’s smart, beautiful, yet simple interface provides all the features you need to manage your notes effectively. This app is entirely free.

If you have the habit of taking numerous notes while working, Bear will help you classify them better through its intelligent tagging feature.

7. Quip


Quip supports both Windows and macOS (for Windows 7 and macOS 10.8 and later). This note-taking app is designed to be intuitive and easily shareable with colleagues and friends. Quip’s developers regularly release monthly updates, allowing easy integration of documents with notes.

Quip is highly regarded for its embedded features and the ability to present charts within note documents, adding vibrancy to the notes.

8. NotePad


Windows’ “legendary” note-taking app – NotePad – still ranks among the most widely used note apps after many years. With a straightforward structure, NotePad appears as a single editing frame and can be pinned to the Taskbar for quick access.

A small tip for NotePad users is that this app can help you easily remove text formatting. Other interesting tasks include inserting dates or searching for information within notes in a straightforward manner.

9. Scrble


With Scrble, you can choose note background fonts, such as blackboards, whiteboards, or writing paper, and provide more flexible information input methods, such as handwriting or using a touch pen. Scrble is seen as a highly recommended note tool for Microsoft Surface users.

Vibrant switching operations with scroll, flip, and page-opening effects will help you track notes efficiently. Additionally, you can insert images and use PDF files in your note files.

10. Boostnote


Highly famous among programmers, Boostnote is created to support coders in composing and writing code and coloring each code snippet in 100 different ways. Boostnote is very flexible and supports multiple programming languages.

You can use programming language formats such as JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and PHP in Boostnote. If you’re a beginner, rest assured that this task note-taking app comes with a detailed tutorial.


Above, BingWiki has introduced the top 10 most famous and widely used note-taking apps in the world today. We hope this information will be helpful to you in finding a note-taking app to experience in the future. Thank you for reading this article.

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